2014 Universal Year of 7



As we transition and make the leap from 2013 to 2014, many of us are wondering what will happen in the coming year and what 2014 has in store for us personally and collectively. As we leave 2013 behind, we are leaving a 6 universal year which represented relationships and responsibility to our family and our loved ones. However, as we transition into 2014, we are now entering into a universal year of 7 which represents going within to investigate our spirituality. We may find ourselves being more internal than external and in more of a reflective state. The more private side of our nature can be exposed and this can be obvious to others especially if you have the number 7 featured prominently in any of your core numbers.

It’s a year where the faith of all mankind will be tested. Just watch the news stories that come out this year. There will be many things, in our personal lives and on the world stage, that will test us and could possibly bring us to the brink of despair. We may feel perplexed, mystified or baffled causing us to sit back in amazement and think well this can’t be happening. Yet it is happening. The vibration of the number 7 will be prominent in many events worldwide. Just watch what happens this year.

In the positive, a 7 universal year encourages tapping into a higher power and a newfound intelligence of the soul. Trust is the keyword for 2014. In the negative, 7 will bring about hidden motives, repression and lack of generosity and spirit.

In 2014, it will be about discovering faith and learning to stay in faith. This year represents the evolving spiritual nature of all mankind. As the Hopi say, The hour is now.This year more than ever, we must discover and trust in something bigger than ourselves. We must let Spirit in and learn to listen to Spirit. I am referring to our higher self. When our guides or angels speak to us, they send subliminal messages through the animal world or through numbers for example to get our attention. So when you see that crow or that butterfly or the repeating number 333 for example, this is your angel, or your spirit guides speaking to you. So it’s time to pay attention in 2014 because it’s truly going to be a transformational year for everyone on a personal level and on a universal level on the global stage. I can’t say this enough, but Faith is going to be the new buzzword of 2014.

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Happy New Year and may you find yourself transitioning in positive ways in 2014.

Sending good universal vibes . . .

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