31 Days of Cosmic Inspiration

Happy New Year

31 Cosmic Days of Inspiration



  1. I leave the past behind without regret and embrace all that is new.

  2. I remember that patience is a virtue and don’t assert myself. I wait for the results.

  3. I am bursting with joy and express my deepest desires.

  4. I am learning to be more practical and build for my future through my own efforts.

  5. I discover that change is a virtue and break out of stagnant conditions that hold me back.

  6. I am learning to love myself and others unconditionally. Love is all there is.

  7. As I go within, I masterfully embrace the power of my inner strength and insightfulness.

  8. I am powerful and realize that I have the courage to do anything I want to do.

  9. Things may have ended, but I am not afraid to let go of that which does not serve me.

  10. What I have been waiting for is now mine. My life is fortunate in many ways.

  11. My life is exciting and stimulating, but I must have the right attitude in order to receive.

  12. I have the ability to see things from another perspective. My glass is half-full.

  13. As I let go of old habits, I release and transform myself from my own limitations.

  14. As I modify my actions and behaviours, I make room for more positive experiences.

  15. I release myself from limiting beliefs. I use my mental energy positively.

  16. As I shatter and destroy old values and beliefs, spiritual enlightenment is the gift.

  17. I have faith and hope in everything and I see a brighter future.

  18. I believe in my dreams and can turn my dreams easily into reality.

  19. Today is a new start for me. Happiness and prosperity are on the horizon.

  20. Today is a turning point and I am able to make decisive changes with beneficial results.

  21. Success is mine and all my plans, wishes and hopes for the future are within reach.

  22. As I complete a cycle, my secret dreams come true and I am fulfilled.

  23. I am supremely protected and everything I pursue will be successful.

  24. I am responsible to my family and they in turn, are a part of my success in life.

  25. As I experience change and difficulty, I mentally visualize my success.

  26. I receive good tidings because I express myself powerfully.

  27. As I grow and blossom, my relationships are growing and blossoming too.

  28. I have unlimited opportunities for achievement. I am the master of my own fate.

  29. I rise above the ordinary and use my insight in ways that are wise and pure.

  30. The rewards of my life are abundant. I celebrate all that I have achieved.

  31. I honor myself, I celebrate my life and I realize the power of my full potential.

Wishing you a joyous and prosperous 2014.


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