Are You Feeling The Vibrations of the Holiday Season

And_on_Earth_PeaceThe numbers that are vibrating around the earth in the month of December are somber and intense because it is both a month and a year of endings combined with a lot of heightened holiday activity. The vibration of numbers bring deep meaning to our lives because every number has a certain power due to its relationship with all things in nature and are connected to universal principles. They enrich our soul, they teach us many lessons, and we gain wisdom because they have credence.

As we prepare for the last and most important holiday of the year, planning and arranging our Christmas and holiday festivities, somewhere in the back of our mind we are also acknowledging the fact that it’s the end of the year and wondering where the time went, how did it go by so fast and what did we accomplish? As you acknowledge your successes and reflect on the past year, there could be feelings of loss, unresolved issues, or unfinished business that may be stressing you a bit. I am reminded of the lyrics to John Lennon’s song Happy Christmas which goes like this: “So this is Xmas and what have you done? Another year over and a new one just begun.”

These feelings of loss or endings we are experiencing are in sync with the endings that are taking place in the month of December because we are in the 12th and final month of the year, and December is a 9 universal month representing an end of a 9-month cycle. All those big plans or projects that were made back in January are now ending or concluding,  or may be in limbo in some way, or never got off the ground the way you expected. The good news is that for every ending there is a new beginning, and for everything that did not work out, there is a reason for it and something better will replace it. As we find ourselves at the end of these cycles, another one is preparing to enter, so don’t forget to be grateful for all that you did accomplish and all the effort and hard work that went into those things that did work out. Your primary focus this month is twofold: (1) It’s a time of completion – Finish up. (2) Let go – Keep what works and discard what doesn’t emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually.

We go into an 8-1 vibration in January which brings in the very powerful vibrations and energy of prosperity and the chance to begin anew.  The feelings of anxiety and melancholy we are experiencing now will be replaced with ambition and the drive to move forward more positively and with more confidence in January 2014. So stay strong and be positive. Enjoy the spirit of the holiday season so that you can feel the vibration of love and joy so that you ultimately vibrate to that love and joy. Let go of things you have no control over. Live and be in the moment.

Holiday blessings and may the spirit of heavenly peace be with you. I wish you a very joyous holiday season and a happy New Year filled with so much love, joy, and peace. Namaste!


    • Let me clarify for you John. Yes 2014 IS a 7 universal year. What I was referring to with the 8-1 vibration was that January is an 8 universal month and January has the energy of the number 1 being the first month of the year. Hope this clears up the confusion.


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