Nelson Mandela – A soldier guiding us toward the light

“I never wanted to be regarded as an angel. I’m an ordinary human being with witnesses, some of them fundamental.
I’ve made many mistakes in my life. I am not a saint, 
unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying.”      

– Nelson Mandela


Nelson Mandela may not have thought he was an angel, but he certainly blessed humanity with his special brand of magic. He transformed us in the way we think about freedom, democracy and peace.  He was a freedom fighter. He was invincible, yet vulnerable. He was a man who had feelings and emotions over his prison sentence but never showed his negativity to the world. He only showed us his courage in the face of adversity and he wore it so well.

At the age of 95, his soul has left us, but not without the many life lessons he taught us and the wisdom he imparted. Now it’s our turn to figure out what to do with our lives from his teachings as we continue on in earth school. Nelson has returned to the heavenly realms from whence he came. He passed from this earth plane back to the dimension of spirit on December 5, 2013 – a 4 universal day – representing structure, foundations and realizations. The world has lost a beautiful spirit that only someone by the name of Nelson Mandela could bring to the world on such a large and grand scale. And few come close to his spirit and stature.

The many names of Nelson Mandela

Before I begin, I want to reiterate what I have said many times over. The birth name IS the foundational name and that never changes. What does change in ones life are name changes for various and sundry reason. When a name change occurs, it is simply another layer – like a house being repainted, the foundation stays the same, but it looks different. In Nelson’s case, we have his birth name, his tribal name and the name we came to know him by.

He was born Rolihlahla Mandela 6 – 11 – 8

Mandela’s father, a tribal chief in Transkei, gave his son the name Rolihlahla at birth and it means troublemaker.

  • His 6 soul is the number of responsibility to others and his desire was to love,to have compassion and to show us the same. These things pleased his soul.
  • His 11 personality is a master number and he was blessed with intuitive powers that guided him in all ways. It never let him down, because he was open to the communication he was receiving.
  • His 8 destiny is the number of a leader. His direction in this lifetime was to lead others in large and powerful ways.

His Tribal name Madiba 11 – 1 – 3

The name most commonly used by South Africans for Mandela is Madiba. Madiba is the name of the clan that Mandela belonged to.

  • So here we have the master number 11 in this placement of his chart. Intuition was a major theme in his life. He was simply guided and took the direction well. No fear or ego took over. He simply trusted his inner knowledge.
  • A 1 personality in this placement of his chart provided leadership he needed to guide us toward the light. 1’s are born to lead and we follow their lead and direction.
  • With the 3 as an expression number, his tribal name provided him with great imagination, charisma and charm. He was by all accounts so joyful  to be around and can tell great stories. That’s what great tribal leaders do.

His Power Name was Nelson Mandela 9 – 3 – 3

He was universally known as Nelson Mandela and this name was given to him on his first day of school by his teacher. Mandela is his family’s last name

  • In this part of his chart, the number 9 soul number in his power name is where his compassion came from. He simply had the purest desire to help others. when he was asked in an interview about what his regrets in life were, he regretted that he did not spend as much time being an attentive father as he would have liked to. But he said that he had to do “things that please my soul.” Nelson Mandela was simply guided by his heart’s desire to help others in such a profound way. He understood how to blend compassion and understanding of our humanity because he had such an innate ability to tap into this aspect.
  • Double 3’s in this part of his chart gave him the extraordinary ability to tap into the joy of life and with the ability to communicate to the masses. This aligns with the 3 in his tribal name.

Prisoner 46664

Nelson Mandela’s prison number caught my eye when I was reading about his life. If you add up these 8 numbers, 46664 adds up to the number 8.  Fascinatingly enough both his Destiny number and Life Path number are 8. So here we have a man in prison with a number that adds up to 8 and this number aligns with two very important numbers in his birth chart – power and leader are two keywords for the 8. By all accounts he was never depressed in prison. He instinctively knew that he was put there for a reason and  purpose. Someone with an 8 destiny number aspires to become a leader. He was a leader even while he was behind bars. He stayed on purpose and never let this setback let him down. In fact it was not a setback, but one of his greatest feats in life.

The other thing that is fascinating about this number combination is that we have two 4’s flanking three 6’s. 4 is the number of structure and foundation. Prison is both structure and foundation. The three 6’s are an intensification of the love he had for everyone in spite of his circumstances. 6 also represents family, responsibility and self-sacrifice. Nelson found himself in the middle of an environment where he became the sacrificial lamb for the greater good of the whole.

Nelson’s speech out of prison

“I greet you all in the name of peace, democracy and freedom for all”

He thought of himself as

“I’m just a messenger”

 He was always concerned about

“Whose life can I change? Whose life can I touch?”

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