Sylvia Browne Crosses Over

Renowned spiritual teacher and psychic, Sylvia Browne crossed over to the other side on Wednesday, November 20 at 7:10 a.m. She was 77.


Just from the numbers on the day she died, I see the numbers 10 – 1 – 8 – 77

The day of her death adds up to the universal number of 10-1

  • The number 10 embraces the philosophy of reincarnation which was a central theme and a natural part of her life’s work.  She was most certainly an old soul who lived many lives and was eager to share the philosophy of reincarnation to others.
  • The number 1 represents new beginnings and starting over. Sylvia passed out of this earth plane into the realm of spirit on a 1 day. She is starting over in new and wonderful ways, and my guess is that she will continue her work with more breadth and depth from beyond.

The Time of her death adds up to the number 8

  • The number 8 represents willpower, courage and strength. Sylvia had all of these qualities and more. And so she left this world in a place of power with the courage to die because she understood the true meaning  of both life and death.

Sylvia Browne died at the age of 77

  • As a temporary vibration, the number 77 represents good fortune and popularity and achievement. Well that is an understatement, because she had all those qualities. Sylvia Browne was a very popular psychic and spiritual teacher who helped others through private readings, past-life regression therapy and prayer groups.
  • At age 77, the double 7’s simply intensifies the God vibration that lived within her.
  • By dying at the age of 77, she made a very loud statement through the power of numbers. I also read in one of her books, that she knew the exact day and age she would die.
  • In addition to that, her soul number was a 7.

Born Sylvia Celeste Browne –  7 – 2 – 9

  • She came in with all the numbers of a healer, a psychic, and a divine soul who helped others in enormous ways.
  • As a psychic, her heart and soul number was a 7. The heart-soul number represents your secret desire in life and must be fulfilled in order to be happy. She had the heart and soul of God, faith and spirituality living through her veins. She was completely fulfilled in this lifetime.
  • Her personality was a 2. She was someone who could gather the experiences of others and acted as the go-between, which is what she in fact did. She was as the go-between heaven and earth for all she counseled.  She was the ultimate healer who helped others with their problems divining situations through real life experiences from both past and current lives,
  • Her destiny was a 9 and the direction of her life was to help others with understanding and compassion. Sylvia understood that these were essential aspects of her life’s work. She was fundamentally born into a life where she had the opportunity to and could inspire others and she truly did that and was loved and admired by many. Immediately following her death  Montel Williams called her “a beacon that shined for so many.”

Life Path 3

Sylvia Browne was a born communicator. She entered this life plane as a 3 Life path with a strong sense of creativity and powerful communication skills and she used them to the max. She was on television and radio as a regular and popular guest of Montel Williams  and Larry King for years. In addition to that, she wrote at least 50 books, 22 of which were on the New York best sellers list. She lived up to the 3 Life Path in the way she was supposed to with originality and optimism. RIP Sylvia Browne. You will be missed by those who you helped so much in this lifetime.

“Reincarnation occurs because we decide that we haven’t learned enough lessons”
~Sylvia Browne


Photo on 9-27-13 at 5.33 PM

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  1. Ohhhh Kathleen….I hope I just did not make a mistake as a novice learning only now about technology. As a member of Sylvia’s church, very longtime follower and strict protector of her….this is a little late and I truly apologize….PLEASE can I share this with ALL MY GNOSTIC FOLLOWERS OF SYLVIA??? IT’S SO IMPORTANT TO US, YOU ARE SO CORRECT ON YOUR NUMEROLOGY OF HER. I am sooo very greatful I found you. I’m very ill, disabled badly, and by far not wealthy. But…I want a reading from you. I know I am a highly elevated entity, and I took upon my soul a incredibly difficult last lifetime. But I need to understand in numerology what all this means.


  2. Dear Melodie,
    Yes of course you can share this with those who are followers of Sylvia’s work and are a part of her community. I went to her church several times when I was living in Santa Clara and I have many of her books. She was truly a favorite of mine and I loved her teachings. Send me your birth name (from your birth certificate) and your date of birth and I can at least look at your chart. Send to:




  3. Sylvia wasn’t 100% correct and she would be the first to tell you that , she did help many lost and searching souls , both living and passed. She was the one who brought psychics out of the closet and got rid of a lot of the old religious stigmata involved with them . She had to be just who she was … Loud , Brash and kinda creepy lol in order to lay the path for all psychics to come out of the shadows.

    God Bless her soul and great heart felt sympathy goes out to her Family and Friends


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