Experience Divine Power


November is an 8 universal month in a 6 universal year which necessitates the strong need for responsibilities in the areas of relationships, family and success. You are a spiritual being and are being asked by the universe to focus on your potential, your power and your inner strength. There may be power struggles this month which can affect your personal life, your home, your relationships and your career. However, your power and inner strength can be the source of harmony to help you overcome obstacles in any of these areas this month. Don’t let power plays or stumbling blocks throw you off balance. You have the ability to stay in control of any situation. Be like the woman who walks beside a lion without any fear. You simply must learn to develop and tap into the potential of power and courage with grace and ease.


Photo on 9-27-13 at 5.33 PM

Kathleen Lamoureux is an intuitive numerologist and spiritual teacher who wants to help you Discover YourSelf through the power of your numbers so that you can step into your power. Get the free monthly Ask The Numerology Coach Newsletter by sending an email to: thenumberscoach123@gmail.com

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