Ashton Kutcher vs Chris Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher

While I think it’s honorable that Ashton Kutcher revealed that his first name is really Chris and he went by the name Chris Kutcher until he was 19, his middle name is still Ashton – so he’s not really the fraud that he thinks he is.  His birth name is Christopher Ashton Kutcher and he simply dropped his first name and became Ashton Kutcher – a much more powerful vibration and ended up with a 1 as a “Power Name” number which is layered over his birth name Destiny Number 5 and his 5 Destiny will always be in effect underneath the vibration of his 1. He will always be Christopher Ashton Kutcher, but we will always know him as Ashton Kutcher.

Your NAME is your most powerful asset!

Numerologists suggest not to change your name unless you have to. However, people change their name all the time and some people use several different names, depending on how they want to be introduced. When you feel like you have to or want to change your name for personal or professional reasons, you want to change your name so that the vibration of the new name is in harmony with your birth name.  In the land of corporate Hollywood, it is not uncommon for one’s agent to select a name that “works” for his client and not against his client. They want a “power name” – something that grabs the masses of people who follow that particular actor. It’s like attracting bees to honey. I think Ashton Kutcher is much more powerful than Chris Kutcher and his agent put him on the right track by dropping his first name and using his middle name. And look at him – he’s done very well in his career.

This revelation on Sunday night at the Teen Choice Awards comes on the heels of his new movie, Jobs, being released in theaters on August 16th, and I am sure his role as Steve Jobs had an effect on him and got him to thinking about who he really is. After all, he is portraying one of the most famous icons on the planet – and your name is one of your most powerful assets. Your birth name or a name change can work for you like it does for Ashton Kutcher, or not work for someone like Lance Armstrong who I profiled on my blog a few months ago.

Why Ashton Kutcher Works

The name you are born with is a good one for all intents and purposes. But circumstances change in life and so a name change reflects that change. People want to create a new life or a new identity for many, many reasons with a name change.  However, every name change represents a progression or a regression.  Is the new name in alignment with your current name – Is it harmonious and in the flow  – the Green Zone –> full speed ahead or is it in the Red Zone –> proceed with caution. Does your new name raise or lower the original name vibration? That is the question you need to ask yourself when and if you change your name.

Ashton’s current name or “Power Name” Number 1 is a natural fit with his 5 Destiny and his 7 Life Path number.

What this means is that the numbers 1 – 5 – 7 are harmonious vibrations or are a natural fit to each other – the Green Zone –> Full Speed Ahead Zone. So while Ashton was born with a 5 Destiny Name Number, his current power name number 1 is a natural fit to the 5.  Therefore, he is fulfilling both his Destiny (what he came here to do with his life) and his Life Path (his fundamental characteristics and traits that will follow him through life and the path he has chosen to walk). Ashton’s Life Path number is a 7 so he is very deep and spiritual and I think this movie activated that in him, because when I saw him speak at the Teen Choice Awards about the 3 things in life that were important to him:

  1. Opportunity
  2. The sexiest thing in the world is being smart
  3. Living life

it was obvious that this movie affected him deeply. He just portrayed an icon and a legend who just died and I am sure this had a deeply spiritual impact on him.

Who’s Changed Their Name to Affect a Positive Vibration?

Ashton Kutcher is not the only actor to change his name. For example, John Wayne was born Marion Robert Morrison so that definitely was not the name of the tough, gritty characters that we saw him portray on the silver screen. We identified with John Wayne the tough guy, not the female name of Marion Wayne, which definitely did not have any power behind it. Shirley MacLaine was born Shirley MacLaine Beaty, but dropped the Beaty in favor of her middle name which was her mother’s maiden name. The last name Beaty works for her brother Warren Beaty. Another example is Diane Keaton who was born Diane Hall and in fact took her mother’s maiden name – Keaton – as her last name when she became an actress. A much more powerful name vibration as well.

Your name is your most powerful asset! Is it working for you or against you? For a name consultation contact me at:


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IMG_0689Kathleen Lamoureux is an Intuitive Numerologist in the San Francisco Bay area who wants to help you Discover YourSelf through the power of your numbers and  help you find out what your destiny is and what path you are on. It’s all in your Name and your date of birth. Discover YourSelf today by having a numerology coaching session with Kathleen!

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