Anthony Weiner – A compulsive “sexter”

anthony-weiner-sext-scandal__oPtUpdated on 8/29/2016

Anthony Weiner is making headlines again and for all the wrong reasons.

He left Congress in disgrace two years ago because of inappropriate sexual texts.

Now he is running for Mayor of New York.

In the same breath as he was making his announcement to run, he had to let out the bag that he had still been sending sexually explicit texts to a young woman (and there may be more) a whole year after he resigned.

All of this news is a shock to many, and there have been many calls for him to withdraw his bid as the Mayor of New York.

What is disturbing is that he is running for office and as an elected official, he is held to the standard of being honest and to tell the complete truth. Now we know that a lot of politicians lie. Most people lie to some degree or another, but with this guy, it’s hard to know what is the truth and what is not.

What we do know is that he has sexual compulsive behavior. Let’s take a look at his numerology chart and see what we can discover about Anthony Weiner. Let me preface by saying that his name does not help him – especially with his sexual scandal(s) and obvious chosen lifestyle.

Here are his numbers

7  6  4  4  6  / 4 Attitude

Soul is 7
Personality is 6
Destiny  is 4
Birth Day is 4
Life Path is 6
Attitude is 4

Two numbers in his chart repeat twice – the 4 and the 6, which tells me that he is uptight and lacks emotional depth (the 4) and while he loves his family, the number 6 represents all types of “love” liaisons and in the Tarot, the 6 Major Arcana card is the “Lovers.” The number 6 represents balanced choices, but one must be careful not to let other negative “elements” overshadow good judgement.

6 Life Path

He is a 6 Life Path. Your life path shows what you must do in this lifetime and what you came here to manifest.  a 6 Life Path is a domestic vibration and represents someone who loves his family, his children and takes responsibility for not only them, but themselves. On the negative side for Anthony, he is someone who has a desire for lust rather than love because perhaps he feels as if he is unloveable.

Hidden Tendency Number is 5

In numerology each letter in your name has a number. If there are certain numbers that repeat 4 or more times, there is an over-emphasis of the energy of that number or numbers. In Anthony Weiner’s case, the number 5 repeats itself 6 times!!! The number 5 is the number of change and personal freedom. It also represents someone who has a tendency to misuse their freedom at the expense of others – In his case, he has misused his wife, his child, his family and his constituents.  5 can be a chaotic energy and causes him to be sensual and too impulsive. It’s an addictive vibration which he has in spades. The number 5 rules opportunities to overindulge in drugs, alcohol or sexual addictions. In Anthony Weiner’s case, his addiction and compulsiveness is sexual in nature. With the over emphasis of 5’s in this placement in his chart, he has a very strong desire to satisfy his sexual appetite, which will always, always get him into trouble. Over-indulgence in sexual addictions is common among people with too many 5’s – six or more. He needs to work on self-love instead of self-loathing and I think he would be happier.

Uranus Retrograde

It’s interesting that this is happening to Anthony Weiner during Uranus retrograde. One of the things, I mentioned in my latest You Tube Video  is that if you don’t change fundamental behavior, especially during Uranus retrograde, Uranus –  the planet of revolution, freedom, rebellion and unexpected events –  will do it for you. It’s one of those butt-kicking retrograde planets.

Update 8/29/2016

Breaking news! The latest story about Anthony Weiner broke today about a new sexting scandal which included the image of Weiner’s son who was next to him in the latest text scandal to rock the 52 year old former congressman. This comes right in the crosshairs and the beginning of Mercury Retrograde which begins going retrograde tomorrow the 30th. So the energy of this information, which was going to come to light in the New York Post – reveals how the issues of “communication” ruled by a Mercury Retrograde can bite someone in the ass.

In addition to that, we are still in a Pluto Retrograde cycle until September 26th. Pluto represents the urge to transform, to regenerate – bringing rebirth. I don’t know Weiner’s astrology chart, however, if Pluto was retrograde at the time of his birth, then it means that he may have difficulty of transforming his life, due to fear of letting go. Because I mean, this guy has had issue after issue of sexual misconduct and sexual addiction, so this would make sense for him to have Pluto retrograde in his natal chart.

Weiner is currently in a 4 Personal Year which is intensified with three 4’s in his numerology chart. Most importantly, it aligns with his 40/4 Destiny which should make him a pillar of society and the foundation of any enterprise. However, with all those 5’s in his name, this has been difficult for him to achieve. And having three 4’s in his chart in a personal year of 4 only exacerbates his tendency toward being very fixed, undisciplined, with no sense of values. With a 4 Destiny this makes him is so serious and so uptight and  that his only release is his proclivity for sex. Very unfortunate indeed.


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