Uranus Retrograde. Where is your revolution?


Today, Uranus the planet of rebellion, revolution, freedom and unexpected events goes retrograde all the way until December 17 in the  fiery and feisty planet of Aries. This half-year cycle, which happens every year, is all about transformation and symbolizes individuality and uniqueness. You think Mercury Retrograde is bad? Ha! MRx is mild compared to the excavation and purging required of a Uranus retrograde cycle.

Uranus is currently transiting in Aries and represents independence and self-will, so this is a great time and opportunity to forge ahead with independent projects or move forward with your own independence and assert yourself as well – especially if this is something you are not used to.  Aries, being the first sign of the zodiac, represents new growth and the energy of number 1 which means this is a great time to initiate things and be in charge key aspects of number 1.

It’s interesting to note that this particular Uranus retrograde begins on 7/17 and ends on 12/17. I see the number 17/8 in both dates. The number 8 has the vibration and energy of authority, personal power and inner strength, so Uranus enters in for a 6 month stay with very strong, potent energy. Uranus tends to be more forceful and explosive when it is in fact retrograde in your own natal chart. This causes more deep psychological self-investigation and analysis. The role of Uranus is to shake us up from a state of unconsciousness to a state of consciousness. Oftentimes unexpected, and even shocking events happen forcing us to look at truths that we dared not. Then one day a Uranus event changes everything in an instant. It may feel bad, it may be bad, but it all pans out in the end and is for your higher good.

If Uranus is retrograde in your own natal astrology chart and if you have 8’s in your core numbers in your numerology chart, the effect of Uranus will be even more potent because the number 8 and Uranus will be activated. Since 8 rules power, strength  and change – expect major transformational changes in your own individual power and strength.

Eight of Wands from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck

Another key aspect of the number 8, is that it is about sudden and swift movement. Just look at the 8 of wands in the Tarot. It represents acting on something hastily or the resolution of a problem . This is the Uranus/8 energy at work. Sometimes these quick and sudden upheavals are a necessary break from all the restrictions that have held you back and forces you  onto a new path that is much more free and liberating. The gift of Uranus is to set one free when things become too rigid or structured.

Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, al...

Uranus corresponds to the Fool in the Tarot and it depicts a young man at the edge of a cliff and appears as if he is not looking where he is going. It looks as if he is not paying attention and is in fact, going to walk right off the cliff. The Fool represents the beginning of a new journey and there are so many possibilities, so many choices. It’s about taking a leap of faith. Will you make your own choice, or will the choice be made for you.? When you are unhappy in a situation, and it has been going on for months or years – dragging on relentlessly – then you either make the choice to do something about it, or the choice will be made for you. Let’s say  for example, that you are in a job you intensely dislike; or you are in a relationship that you know is not healthy for you;  or you  are bored with some aspect of your life, and there is an air of discontent that permeates your very being. One day you get fired, or your lover leaves you! It’s shocking of course, but this is a Uranus event that gives you a chance and an opportunity to course-correct. After all, this is what you have been trying to do all along but you were coasting along until you were forced into Uranus-Fool action.

The Numerology of Uranus – 7 – 6 – 22

The Soul of Uranus resonates to the energy and vibration of the number 7. The soul number – aka the Soul Urge or the Heart’s Desire – is your secret desire and is known only to you. The 7 Soul vibrates to the energies of spiritual awakening, enlightenment, intuition, self-reflection, going within, and self-analysis.

The Personality of Uranus resonates to the energy and vibration of the number 6. The 6 personality gives out strong energies of love, understanding, compassion, and responsibility, empathy, sympathy for self.

The Destiny of Uranus resonates to the Master Number 22. The 22 Destiny carries the energy and attributes of redemption, expansion and evolution.

Where is your Uranus revolution?

The purpose of Uranus is to help you help you analyze yourself spiritually, be responsible to and for yourself , and to help you along your path with and within your own evolution. Uranus invites you to your own revolution, to change, to grow and to expand your own higher awareness. The other thing to consider is if any of your name numbers (soul, personality, destiny) are 7 – 6 – 22. If so, then these numbers will be activated strongly in your numerology chart and felt more intensely. This is where you need to do more work, excavate, purge, expand and revolutionize yourself.


994781_10200673130525022_1321839150_nKathleen Lamoureux is an intuitive numerology coach and she wants you to “Discover YourSelf” through the power of your numbers. Contact her for a reading at thenumberscoach123@gmail.com


  1. I do have Uranus retrograde in my natal chart. My day is 1_31_71 So far nothing today. I will keep a look out though


  2. Sherry, you are a 5 Life Path and you seek more freedom and adventure than others. You are also in an 11/ 2 Personal Year which will help you develop and work on your intuitive and diplomacy skills this year. Neither one of these numbers are activated in your chart from the 7-6-22 name-code of Uranus, so there should be no super intense aspects for you numerology-wise. Best of luck. ❤


  3. How synchronistic(?)…not sure if that is the right word. lol I see that you liked my original comment yesterday on the 17th. Uranus is now a little over one degree conjunct my Mars @ 17 Ari 57. Also I was born in a 22 year. My lifepath number is 9.


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