The Number 7 Triggers the Crash of Asiana Flight 214

number 7

A client asked me about the link and meaning of the number 7 in the crash of Asiana Flight 214. There most certainly was a preponderance of the number 7 triggers in Asiana Flight 214 that crashed into the San Francisco Bay on July 6th. Here’s the breakdown:

The 7’s:

  • The plane was a Boeing 777
  • It was flight 214  which adds up to 7
  • Asiana 214 adds up to 25/7
  • Two girls died –  both age 16 /
  • Flight 214 crash happened in a 7 month
  • The pilot only had 43/7  hours of flight experience
  • There were 16/7 crew members
  • Out of the 291 passengers, 77 of them were Korean
  • And 61/7  of them were American
  • The pilot of Asiana flight 214 was blinded for 43 /7 seconds

The Message and the 7 Link

The number 7 was triggered repeatedly during this tragic accident, including double and triple 7’s.

Powerful forces of the 7 energy was certainly present during this plane crash and there is still mystery shrouding the events, but one thing is certain – the number 7 is a mystical number that definitely wanted to be noticed in a big way during this accident – definitely catching the attention of those who pay attention to certain numbers – and 7 is a watch number.

7 is the Universes and the Angels way of trying to get us to pay attention to something larger and bigger than we are – our intuitive and spiritual selves.

7 is the number of spiritual intuition, however it appears as if both pilots ignored their intuition.

7 is a strong spiritual force and is the number of faith and the faith seeker. 7 has a powerful essence of spirituality and psychic energy.

7 also has an alluring sense of mystery attached to it and symbolizes the unknown, the unseen and sometimes even represents death. In this case there was death as two young 16 year-old girls were killed on impact.

7 is often considered a symbol of endings.

The number 7 had it’s numerical blueprint stamped all over this accident – as all these 7’s specifically lined up triggering this tragic and fateful event.

As a temporary vibration, the number 7 was a huge 7 event. The predominant keywords of 7 are spiritual reflection, spiritual assessment and spiritual intuition. In this instance the number 7 was repeatedly triggered as a spiritual intuitive “wake-up call” ~ but instead was sadly ignored.

7 also corresponds to the sign of Cancer in astrology, and the Sun is currently in the sign of Cancer which rules emotions and feelings and of course this tragic accident brings these raw emotions to the surface with those involved dealing with the impact it has had on their lives.

In the Tarot, card number 7 is the Chariot which could represent the Boeing 777. The Chariot represented in this case, a spiritual vehicle carrying all 307 passengers.

This accident occurred during Mercury Retrograde which rules “COMMUNICATION” and apparently there is some controversy swirling around about the lack of communication between Korean pilots which seems to be the ‘norm’ in the Korean culture. Therefore, the topics of cockpit culture and communication issues as well as social hierarchical cultures and safety issues will most certainly be scrutinized and examined in the coming weeks and months to come.


994781_10200673130525022_1321839150_nKathleen Lamoureux is an intuitive numerologist in the San Francisco Bay area.  She wants to help you “Discover YourSelf” through the power of numbers.  Contact her for a reading today at:

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