Wimbledon Winners Predicted Through the Numbers

Marion Bartoli at the 2009 US Open
Marion Bartoli

I predicted both the female and male winners of Wimbledon based on the numbers and I am going to post my FaceBook posts in date order to show my numerology assessments of who won and why.

Congratulations Andy Murray and Marion Bartoli!

June 27, 2013 

WIMBLEDON NEWS!  The first day of MRx saw the shocking losses of veteran players Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova. Not only that, but 7 players withdrew from the tournament which set a record for the most withdrawals and/or retirements in a single day in Wimbledon history. The 7 vibration resonates with the energy of reflection and an inner-knowing. It’s about analyzing, assessing and following your intuition. “And on the 7th day God rested.” Number 7 rules the physical body and body functions, so for those who withdrew due to injuries, it just shows that you can’t force things. It was a “Let go and let God” kind of day.

So the first day of MRx (a 26/8 Day) on Wednesday at the All England Club showed up as a negative vibration bringing in bad news with losses and endings.

Stay tuned for my Wimbledon News updates as I am an avid Tennis fan!

June 28, 2013

Wimbledon – Day 5!  End of Week 1 ends on a 1 Day (double 1’s indicates a strong desire for success) in a 6 Universal Month (energy of ownership.) 

Two Brits open on Centre Court for the first time in a long time including Laura Robson who is ranked number 1 and who just won in 2 easy sets against Marina Duque-Marino. Robson is in a 1 Personal year on an 8 Personal Day which is so fitting and apropos. Again we see the benefit of double 1’s and the power of the 8 in her numerology forecast chart.

All eyes will be on Andy Murray later today who also opens on Centre court. The second seed is looking to become the first men’s British champion since 1936. He is set to play against the number 5 ranked Spaniard Tommy Robredo. Murray is in an 8 Personal Year and he has a good chance with the personal power, inner strength and drive of the vibration of the 8 behind him. Robredo is in a 3 year which is not an easy vibration against the 8, but he is in a 1 Personal Day – strong desire to take the lead with a positive and optimistic attitude. Based on Murray’s 8 Personal Year and that he is in a 6 Personal Month in a 6 Universal Month (double 6’s intensifies his ownership and high aspirations) and the fact that Murray is better on grass courts (Robredo does not like playing on grass) my bet is on Murray as the victor. Stay tuned…

July 2, 2013

WIMBLEDON NEWS! Novak Djokovic makes it through to the Quarter Finals. He is currently in a 4 personal month – restrictions and limitations rule this month for him. Don’t expect him to win at Wimbledon.  Andy Murray, the No. 2 seed continued his 15-match winning streak making it to the quarter finals. Andy Murray is in a 8 Personal Year ruling power and manifestation. 8 is a vibration of great gain or great loss, but I think it will be a great win for Murray to win Wimbledon. There is a lot at stake here, because if he does win he will be the first male Brit to win Wimbledon since 1936 – which has been 77 years. Double 7’s Wow! This means that there are a lot of people who are putting their faith in Andy Murray to win.
Serena Williams is beat in the fourth round by Sabine Lisciki. Williams is in a 5 Personal Year representing changing conditions and upsets. It’s a year of good to bad or bad to good and she’s in the year of good to bad.The Womens Final is on Saturday July 6, 2013 which is a 19/1 Universal Day. Interesting because number 1 represents the new and shiny Wimbledon trophy that is awaiting the winner. 19 in the Tarot is the Sun – and the sun shines on she who wins.The Mens Final is on Sunday July 7, 2013. Two things: 1) July is the Month of 7 and it’s a 7 Day so the faith of the two final players will be put to the test. 2) It is a 2 Universal Day, so the player that is the most patient will be the winner.

July 6, 2013

Wimbledon Women’s Final – It’s Marion Bartoli against Sabine Lisicki. Bartoli is a 7 Life Path in a 9 Personal Year in a 7 Personal Month on a 22 Personal Day.
Lisciki is a 4 Life Path in a 1 Personal Year and a 8 Personal Month on a 5 Personal Day. While Lisciki has the power of her 1 Personal Year and the strength of the 8 behind her this month, her 5 personal day could be a day of upsets and a  loss. I think that Bartoli has the edge and will win because her 7 Life Path aligns so perfectly with her 7 Personal Month giving her more strength. In addition, she is in a 22 personal day – a master number that I think gives her the advantage to outperform and win.

July 7, 2013

Andy Murray at the 2011 Australian Open
Andy Murray

It’s the Wimbledon Men’s Finals! Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic are battling it out and there’s a lot at stake – not only for the players – but for Great Britain as well because there hasn’t been a Brit that has won there in 77 years. That aside, here is my take based on the numbers of these two players.

Novak is a 7 Life Path in a 6 personal year and a 4 personal month on a 2 personal day. What I see in these numbers is that with the 4 personal month, there will be some restrictions and limitations and a 2 personal day will slow down his energy.

Murray is a 9 Life Path in a 8 personal year and a 6 personal month on a 22 personal day. The first thing that jumps out at me is the 22 which really gives Murray the edge here as it is an opportunity for him to win, coupled with the power behind his 8 year and 6 is a number of attraction and ownership –> the trophy.  Murray should win at Wimbledon.

A side note – Marion Bartoli was in a 22 personal day yesterday which gave her the edge to win the women’s finals.

July 7, 2013 (post-win)

I predicted both the female and male winners of Wimbledon based on the numbers. Congratulations Andy and Marion!  And so ends the 77 year drought of no British Men’s winner since 1936. Way to go Andy and again congratulations!!!
Interesting to note that the time of the win was 5:24 UK time which adds up to 11 (Master Number) and then reduces to the number 2 which is the Universal Day Number (7-7-2013 = 20/2), so this connection between date and time is a numerical link from the Universe that shows you the power of numbers. I also posted on July 2nd that the winner who was the most patient would win Wimbledon as a keyword of the 2 is ‘patience”. Also I see a lot of 7’s in today’s events. For example, today’s date 7-7 has double 7’s; I saw a lot of balls hitting speeds of 77 MPH in the game and 77 years since a Wimbledon British male champion. 7 is the number of faith and spiritual endurance.
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