Mercury Retrograde / MRx June 2013 = 8-2-6-3

enjoying the mercury retrograde yet?
enjoying the mercury retrograde yet? (Photo credit: andres musta)

Mercury Retrograde / MRx Alert!!!!

Mercury begins its cosmic twist backwards on June 26 through July 20th in the sun sign of Cancer. Are you ready? 

English: Apparent trajectory of the planet Mer...
English: Apparent trajectory of the planet Mercury retrograde between August 15, 2009 and September 15, 2009 Español: Trayectoria retrógrada aparente del planeta Mercurio entre 15 de Agosto de 2009 y 15 de Septiembre de 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mercury is the planet that loves to create chaos during a three-week cycle when it appears to be traveling backwards in the solar system. However, according to many astrologists, “A planet is described to be in retrograde when it ‘appears’ to be moving backwards through the zodiac. Actually this is an illusory planetary motion created by the orbital rotation of the earth with relation to other planets in the solar system. Planets are never actually retrograde or stationary, they just seem that way due to this cosmic shadow-play.”  Retrograde cycles create illusions from our perspective on earth due to the fact that the earth is orbiting the sun at a different speed than the other planets – thus causing this illusion that Mercury has stopped or slowed down. However, when a planet retrogrades it shifts all the energy affecting us in opposite ways and creates confusion and chaos.

MRx / June 26, 2013 – The Breakdown

8 – 2 – 6 – 3

  • The Day Number 26 reduces to an 8 vibration representing power, authority and being in control. The number 8 wants to help us manifest abundance and prosperity in all areas of importance – money, relationships, work, spirit. Ask your Angels and the Universe for assistance and then let it go so you can receive all the abundance that you so rightly deserve. Be careful not to wield your power or authority in the wrong direction – as it will work against you. Stay in integrity.
  • The Universal date 6-26-2013 reduces to a 2 vibration and  is the number of reflection and intuition. The number 2 wants us to focus on relationships and partnerships. The number 2 is that fork in the road – forcing you to stop a moment and make a decision. Do you take the left fork or do you take the right fork? Number 2 represents intuitive powers, so trust your intuition and instincts in all matters. Your Angels and the Universe want you to pay attention to the signals from the Universe via numbers, animal totems, dreams or thoughts that cross your mind. Don’t rationalize it – just do whatever you hear or see intuitively. If you see a number, pay attention to your thoughts at the moment of the number sighting. There is a link to all symbols in life. Watch the patterns. There is a message for you that your Angels and the Universe want you to receive for your own higher good.
  • June is a 6 month and the 6 vibration wants to share with you the true and harmonious energies of love, family, wealth, ownership and possessions. Focus on appreciating who you have in your life and why they are in your life. Do they bring in positive or negative energy? Remember – that every relationship is for a reason and has a past karmic influence. What are they here there to teach you – that is the question! Dig deep and you will discover the answer.
  • June 2013 is a 3 Universal Month vibration! Do not curb your enthusiasm, joy or happiness! Let it all out and enjoy each and every day for what it is and as it happens! Life is in the moment – enjoy it. “Be Here Now” as the yogi and spiritual teacher Ram Dass said.
  • 2013 is a 6 Universal Year representing harmony, appreciation, self-sacrifice, loyalty and responsibility. Be grateful for what you have and say “thank you” to the Universe.

The Number Zones

I speak in terms of Zones in relationships to all numbers either in romantic/platonic relationships, people, places and things and I especially love to compare the compatibility of any number to the Day, Month and Year. My formula is this:

Green Zone – Full Speed Ahead!
Blue Zone – Comfortable Conditions Exist!
Red Zone – Proceed with Caution!

This is how the June 26th Mercury Retrograde / MRx stacks up against the numbers of the Day and the Month

  • When Mercury Retrograde begins on June 26th, it’s an 8 power Day in a 6 Month. Numbers 8-6 are compatible to each other, so Mercury Retrograde begins in the Blue Zone – Comfortable Conditions exist!
  • June is a 3 Universal Month in a 6 Universal Year and  the 3-6 is a harmonious vibrational energy, so it’s a Green Zone – Full Speed Ahead kind of day! Message –> Go for it!
  • MRx ends on July 20 and so ends its communication blitz on a 2 Day, a 6 Universal Day in a 4 Universal Month. So I see the energies through the 2-6-4 bringing about the intensity of patience and diplomacy  in areas of  love, the family and community responsibility. This 2-6-4 vibration affects all life structures – home, family, career and finances.   This is the ruling the energy of the last day of MRx June 2013 and this 2-6-4 number vibration falls in both the Green Zone and the Blue Zone so the energy is bright and sunny for the last day of MRx June 2013.

Message and Final Thoughts 

When Mercury is retrograde, it affects other transitioning planets during a MR cycle because it basically backs up the progression of all forward movement. This is where communication and the decision-making process is impacted. Since Mercury is Retrograde in the feeling and emotional sign of Cancer, our natural moods can be affected at this time. Moods can be high or low depending on individual circumstances and impacted either positively and negatively. So this is a good time to use the energy of the 2 – your diplomacy and peacemaking skill set.  These are skills that peacemakers, diplomats and negotiators are excellent at – and the number 2 is found somewhere in their Numerology Chart – and what they are paid the big bucks for. This is something that all of us can and should aspire to.

During Mercury Retrograde Remember Not To:

  • Do Not Sign contracts (if at all possible)
  • Do Not Make major decisions
  • Do Not Make major purchases
  • Do Not Begin new projects if you can help it
  • Do not Argue with others. Watch how you communicate in every aspect.
  • And DO backup your computer or files often during this phase.

Mercury Retrograde is not something that needs to be feared or hide from. It’s simply a good way to learn to upgrade your communication skills and change fundamental ways of behavior if you have issues in this area – which most of us do. Very few people communicate well when coming from emotions and feelings rather than from logic. This can be difficult during this Mercury Retrograde cycle as we are in the Sun Sign of Cancer, as I stated earlier. Hopefully this will arm you with the power of information to help you along your path. Emotions and feelings are a good thing – just use them wisely when communicating.


994781_10200673130525022_1321839150_nKathleen Lamoureux is an Intuitive Numerologist in the San Francisco Bay area and wants to help you Discover YourSelf Through the Power of Your Numbers! 

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