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Numerology Alert for Friday, June 21, 2013

Paula Deen holds court

The Food Network drops Paula Deen’s Contract for using racial epithets and she and her brother are being sued over this issue!

This does not surprise me that the Food Network cancelled her show as she is in a 8 personal year and her personal day number is also a 8 but her personal month number is 5.

8 is the number of power and financial resources. 8’s are the leaders and we follow their every move when they are as fascinating and bubbly as Paula is. 8’s can and do climb the ladder of success quite well, but just as easily they can fall off that ladder resulting in failure. The number 8 used in a negative way, can lead to issues of intolerance such as the revelations about sexual and racial harassment by a former Manager of one of her restaurants. 8 is also the money number and of course her financial resources will be greatly affected with the ending of her relationship with the Food Network.

In reference to her 8 personal year and 8 day number in a 5 personal month, the 5-8 vibration can either be either really really good or really really bad. In Paula Deen’s situation, this is a really bad vibration combination for her. The number 5 is the number of sudden changes and chaos – all of which she is currently experiencing and the negative qualities of the 8 played into her current dilemma. In addition to that, Paula is a 5 Life Path so her 5 personal month and 5 Life Path are being activated at the same time adding more change, chaos and drama to her life.

The other fascinating thing is that she has so many 11’s in her chart. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Paula was with the Food Network for 11 years
  • Based on her birth name and her current name, her Soul Number is 11
  • And her Personality Number from her birth name  only is also 11 

First of all, 11 is a Master Number and is a very powerful vibration that represents intuitive understanding. Those blessed with the number 11 – and she has it twice in her name – are rewarded with greatness only if the power bestowed by the 11 is not used harmfully against others and by creating negative karma. This is exactly where she finds herself today. Second of all, Paula Deen has been a beloved host on the Food Network for 11 years – only coming under scrutiny in 2012 when she was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, shining a spotlight on her unhealthy cooking habits and recipes – is a lightning bolt personality who is very electric and charged with the high emotional energy only an 11 can deliver. I’m sure it takes her quite a while to come down to earth every night as she has so much energy. I’m sure it makes her family crazy as they shake their heads. She wields a lot of power and energy with the 8 and the 11’s – quite powerful.  Interesting to note that 11 corresponds to the Justice card in the Tarot. Hmmmm.

Her Destiny Number comes to 22 (11 soul + 11 personality = 22 Destiny). With 22 as her Destiny Number, no wonder she accrued wealth, fame and power on a huge and grand scale. Unfortunately, all vibrations have a negative side as well as a positive side and unfortunately Paula fell off the cliff here in this particular instance and is not living up to the potential of this Master Number and is in fact shrinking from the potential she was born with right now. She is not the first celebrity to be accused of racial and sexual harassment, nor will she be the last. Interesting to note that one of her Karmic Debt Numbers (areas of weakness) is the number 2 and she came in to learn the lesson of tact, patience and cooperation. Until this lesson is learned, she will be forced into situations where she cannot achieve success in this area until she learns these attributes. She does have a Hidden Tendency Number of 1 which can cause Paula to be too opinionated and egotistical. It’s something I’m sure she knows she needs to work on daily as it’s a part of her numerological DNA. The other interesting fact is that 22 is associated with the Fool in the Tarot and in the negative it can cause reckless behaviors. On one hand it represents optimism and joy and on the other hand, it can indicate that caution needs to be exercised more regularly.

Will Paula Deen rise like the phoenix from the ashes? Yes but not without a lot of discomfort and growing pains. Reminder that Uranus, Pluto, Neptune and Saturn are all currently retrograde, so she too is experiencing death-rebirth issues and a revolution is taking place within. There is deep excavation going on from the depths of her soul to purge old habits and behaviors taking place – all at the same time. Yikes. As she said in her first video statement about using racial epithets in the past, “I want to learn and grow from this.” As I said above about 22 corresponding to the Fool card, it also corresponds to the planet Uranus which is the planet of revolution, rebellion, freedom and unexpected events.

To top things off for Paula, there is a Full Moon on Sunday the 23rd (a 5 day ruling more change) and the effects can usually be felt about 2-3 days before it is completely full – so there is that.  We just entered into the sign of Cancer which rules emotional needs and emotions. So over the last couple of days and going into the next few days, emotions and feelings will be intensely felt due to the Moon and Cancer which rules these sentiments. This Full Moon falls in the sign of  Capricorn which represents conservative attitudes and tradition – beliefs she apparently forgot. But lest we forget – she is human as we all are.

Next month Paula goes into a 6 Personal Month with an emphasis on responsibilities to family and community. She is a person who is very resourceful, versatile and adaptable – courtesy of her 5 Life Path.  I am sure she will draw on the strength of her 8 power year number – but again, her financial resources will be strongly affected as 8 is the money number. However, her 5 Life Path, in conjunction with her inexhaustible energy, will help her concentrate on this very important change going on in her life. This is the one the thing that she can depend on and draw upon for the strength and energy she will need to get through this life dilemma. After all, the keyword for a 5 Life Path is CHANGE and if one Life Path has more energy than all the others – it is the 5 Life Path.


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