New Moon in Gemini Activates 3-6-9 Triad

The New Moon in Gemini on 6/8/13 arrives at 4:56 p.m. U.T. Activating the Triad of 3 6 9

3 – creativity/ communication/joy 

6 – love/passion/responsibility 

9 – compassion/accomplishment/completion

JUNE is a Universal Month of 3 so this definitely brings in joyful communication and artistic endeavors.
Caution! The negative side of 3 can cause intolerance and impatience.

June is the the Month of 6 the bringer of love and passion.
Caution! The negative side of 6 can cause cynicism or even jealousy.

GEMINI NEW MOON is @ 18 degrees  adding up to 9 – the humanitarian vibration bringing in compassion where people are helping people locally and globally.
Caution! The negative side of a 9  is arrogance and fickleness.

The time of entry of the New Moon is 4:56 which adds up to a 15/6.  15 is a very loving vibration but can bring about self-indulgence or manipulation, so be careful if you have these tendencies. 6 is the number of relationships of all kinds – love, romance, business, partnerships, family and taking responsibility in all these areas.

Gemini is the mental sign that is a changeable energy – one moment Gemini is this way and the next moment Gemini is another way – and results in fickleness, so be prepared for this duality in the month ahead. Gemini is the MESSENGER that is a communicative vibration, so during this New Moon, it’s all about sharing information in all aspects – verbal, email, letters, the written word. Be careful of what and how you say it in any of these forms, because it can come back to haunt you.

The Message of June

3 – communicate and create
6 – Be loving and responsible
9 – Affect the humaneness of love, creativity and communication.


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