Shifting Into Another Gear

The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris

OK, so there you are – sitting there thinking, thinking, thinking – like The Thinking Man.

Wondering why you are still on the same path that does not serve you or has ever served you.

While you are still sitting there, you begin to ponder  – how might things change.

You ponder, ponder, ponder….

Still in ‘thinking’ mode…

Then IT” finally comes to you as it now dawns on you – it is you that needs to change.

YOU – Not the other person or the other “thing” but YOU, YOU, YOU.

“OK fine” your mind says out loud.

Your mind answers back “but how?”

Still thinking, thinking, thinking…

Your mind answers back “Well what if I was driving a car down the road and I needed to pass someone that was driving too slow?”

“What would I need to do?” your inquiring mind asks again.

“Well considering that I am driving a stick shift, all I would need to do would be to shift into fifth gear and move into another lane” your mind shouts.

Your mind prompts you again “So do it now!”

You finally gather your courage and shift into fifth gear and pass the slow driver – leaving him/her/it behind in the dust.

Your mind exclaims “Wow! I made it – I’m no longer stuck” – “I’ve finally shifted into another gear and have broken free.”

As you continue on your drive, you ponder your decision to make that critical shift.  You finally realize that by making that hairsplitting deviation, you finally moved out of your self-imposed prison.

You are now free to create your magical life.

The Message

This analogy just goes to show that if you are willing to shift your thinking – you can increase your strength and power.  Because you were brave enough and gathered your courage, you were able to make a fundamental change in your thinking. You trusted yourself and a greater force.You had the fearlessness to leap into the unknown. You were able to quicken your spirit by letting go of what no longer served you. Thus, you created your own magic. Magical thinking creates seemingly impossible feats.



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