Pluto Retrograde – A Cause For Self-Reflection

1990 photograph of Pluto and Charon. Taken by ...
Pluto and Charon

Sale – Everything Must Go

“It is better to spend one day contemplating the birth and death of all things than a hundred years never contemplating beginnings and endings”


  • Pluto went into retrograde mode on April 12, 2012 which  was a  13/4 Universal Day (4 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 3) = 13. Number 13 is the number of Death, regeneration and renewal.
  • Pluto – ruled by Scorpio – deals with all the same things – transformation, death and rebirth.  
  • Pluto is a very unpredictable planet, so what you thought was once stable and secure may now become unstable and feelings of insecurity will prevail over the next 5 months. It’s sole purpose is to wake you up to reveal hidden truths that were once secret or that have laid dormant for too long.
  • For Sale – Everything must go!! Pluto retrograde is truly a time to let go of what no longer is working. It’s transformation at the deepest, darkest levels. What no longer serves a greater purpose is out.
  • While Pluto is retrograde is the perfect time for us to work on ourselves and what is no longer working or needed in our lives.
  • This is a time to self-transform and adjust what needs to change or to be let go of in all realms – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. This is the time to do it. For if you don’t, then Pluto will do it for you, so you have 5 months to get it together.
  • The big question lies in how you are going to transform yourself between now and September 20th?
  • Stop a moment and ask yourself what needs to change, die or transform in order to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.
  • Pluto is retrograde all the way through September 20th which is an 8 Universal Day. 8 is the number of power and control – so things will be more contained and within our power when Pluto goes direct.

I invite you to send me your thoughts as to how you think you can or will go about this process.

Big hugs and blessings,

IMG_0689Kathleen Lamoureux is an Intuitive Numerologist in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She wants to help you “Discover YourSelf” through the power of your numbers.

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