Margaret Thatcher – The Iron Lady

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Margaret Thatcher, the only woman to have held the post as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom died on both an 8 Day and a 9 Universal Day. 8 is the number of power, influence and courage which she had in abundance and 9 is the number of transitions and endings which is so apropos as she leaves this earth plane. She also died in the 4th month of the year activating her 22/4 Life Path Number. She was a very powerful and influential woman who made history. Let’s take a look at who she was and how she lived through her numbers.

Margaret Hilda Thatcher

Margaret’s Destiny Number, also known as the Expression number, based on her birth name comes to the number 11 – a Master Number

Date of Birth

Margaret was born on October 13, 1925 which comes to another Master Number – 22 which then reduces to the number 4. Her Life Path Number was 22/4

Both Master Numbers in her chart –  the 11 and the 22  – gives us a clue as to how important, illuminating and ambitious she was in her lifetime. She clearly came here to proudly claim and work on her mission in life – to achieve greatness and live up to her full potential.

11 as the Destiny Number – The Destiny Number is the number that represents the direction of your life and what you must achieve throughout your lifetime. Number 11 is the number of the intuitive and is considered the psychic’s number. While Margaret seemed more cold and calculating rather than intuitive, she did have the ability to use the power of her intuition, however, her 4 LPN showed her more pragmatic and traditional side. I think this is where people misjudged her. Number 11 does reduce to the number 2 which is the number of peace and represents one who is the diplomat and make great mediators. She had the ability to use the dual role of the 11/2 very effectively in her life. If you look at the number 11, it has two l’s side-by-side looking like a point of entry. In life, one can choose to walk between this point of entry following a golden path, or walk outside the point of entry choosing a destructive path. Margaret lived a golden life. In addition, you have two l’s which intensified her leadership and independent qualities.

22 is one of the most powerful numbers in numerology. It represents the person who has the ability to use the forces of both master numbers (11 & 22) to their full advantage. She had the ability to turn her ambitions into reality – this is the power of 22. The evidence of her greatness is the legacy she leaves behind and her role in history and what she did for Great Britain while she was Prime Minister. Even though she is considered by many to be cold and some people remember her as “The woman who divided a nation,” she was by all accounts a towering figure in British history and global politics.  So we can see very clearly the power of how she utilized the Master Number 22/4 as her Life Path Number.

Iron Lady

For fun, I decided to see what Expression Number, the name many people used to describe Margaret Thatcher – Iron Lady – would come to. Ironically enough it comes to the number 44/8. Double 4’s activate and intensified her 22/4 Life Path Number even more. Some Numerologists consider this a Master Number and some do not. Regardless, it cannot be ignored that two 4’s side by side are powerful and then add up to the number 8. The 4 is the number of logic and reason and 8 is the number of power, money and authority. Historically, The Iron Lady will be remembered for her courage and determination with the spirit to change things for the better even if it met with opposition. That being said, the name Iron Lady was and is certainly a suitable epithet for the very strong, spirited and courageous woman she was.

“earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust”

RIP dear Margaret!. Your handprint and contributions to life and your life’s soul work certainly touched the lives of many. While your body is now gone, your soul print will always remain visible.


IMG_0689Kathleen Lamoureux is an Intuitive Numerologist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. “Discover YourSelf” through the power of your numbers.

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