Are You Feeling The Shift?

In what way has your life changed this year?

number 5

This is a gentle reminder that we are still in a 5 Universal Year which is a year of change, instability and chaos. The energy has been pretty crazy this year on the world stage and in our own lives. It can certainly feel unsteady and like you are walking on egg shells – waiting for something else to shift or happen. However, change is the major keyword and the purpose of a 5 Universal Year. It’s an opportunity for you to embrace change because nothing can remain the same – change is the evolution of our soul.

In addition, Uranus – the planet of revolution and the great awakener – has been retrograde since July 13 and can and will send shockwaves and unexpected events to your own environment. In a retrograde position, its soul purpose is to help you change what you know or knew you already needed to change on some level and may not have done – personally, financially, relationships, family issues, etc. In that case, Uranus will do it for you automatically and it can feel pretty alarming. When Uranus went retrograde back in July it was meant to help you change fundamental ways of being or issues in your life because the old ways may not be working for you now. It’s about you addressing yourself at the most basic level, how you see yourself and how you live your life. Life is changing right before your eyes, so look beyond the confusion and chaos – and acknowledge the revolution that just transpired and marvel at a new way of being that just entered.

English: Uranus revolves around the Sun once e...

The good news is that Uranus is going Direct on December 13th and we will enter a 6 Universal Year in January 2013 which represents more love and nurturing energy coming in. Both of these dates will change the energy tremendously and you will experience an even bigger shift into a more positive vibration.

Happy Holidays and to one and all and BIG hugs!


Photo on 11-10-12 at 9.50 AMKathleen Lamoureux is a Numerologist and Soul Coach living in the San Francisco Bay area who wants to help you Discover YourSelf through the power of your numbers.

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