Election Day By The Numbers

Barack Obama born 8/4/1961

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Soul Number – 1
Personality Number – 4
Signature Name Number – 5
Birth Day Number – 4
Life Path Number – 2
Destiny Number – 1
2012 Personal Year Number – 8
2012 Personal Month Number – 1
11/6/2012 Personal Day Number – 7

Mitt Romney Born 3/12/1947

Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts,...

Soul Number – 2
Personality Number – 6
Signature Name Number – 8
Birth Day Number – 12/3
Life Path Number – 9
Destiny Number – 6
2012 Personal Year Number – 2
2012 Personal Month Number – 4
11/6/2012 Personal Day Number – 1

Comparing the numbers

  • Obama has a better edge with his 1 soul number which is the number of leadership and drive versus Romney’s 2 soul number which is the number of the sentimental and emotional.
  • While Romney’s 9 Life Path number is that of the humanitarian, Obama’s 2 Life Path cultivates cooperative efforts and brings people together.
  • Their birth day numbers (talent you possess). Obama is a 4 which is the builder, planner type and Romney is the charming politician.
  • Obama’s destiny 1 number is a natural leader. Romney’s 6 is someone who  is loving and caring and puts the needs of others before himself.
  • Obama is in a 8 personal year which is a very powerful number  and places him in a very dynamic position to win versus Romney’s 2 where one has to sit back and be patient. Obama’s 8 personal year has more power.
  • Romney’s 4 personal month brings limitations and Obama’s personal 1 month ushers in new beginnings and new starts.
  • In the personal day number category based on the election date, Obama’s 7 personal day number is the spiritual number which forces introspection while Romney’s 1 personal day number provides him with new beginnings and new starts. Romney has the edge here.

In my opinion, if you just go by the personal year, month and day numbers, Obama has the advantage to win the 2012 election with the his 8  personal year which is a power number, and his 1 personal month number  which rules new beginnings and a time to start over.  However, we are in a 5 universal year which rules change, chaos and is an unstable vibration as we have seen all year and today is the beginning of Mercury Retrograde and MR rules ALL FORMS of communication. A Mercury Retrograde was in play during the 2000 Bush-Gore election. Both the universal 5 year and Mercury Retrograde could throw the election, not to mention the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. It will not be a smooth easy election by any means.It will be a nail biter for sure. So stay tuned and don’t forget to VOTE and let your voice be heard.

To find out more about the meanings of the personal numbers click this link


Kathleen Lamoureux is a Tarot-Numerologist living in the San Francisco Bay area.  She wants to help youDiscover YourSelf.  Find out what your name and numbers reveals about you.

Contact her at kathleenlamoureux@gmail.com for a reading

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