Hurricane Sandy – Cyclone

Hurricane Sandy – Category 1 Cylcone

In Numerology there are 3 components to a name:

  1. The Heart number is what the true inner self desires
  2. The Personality number is how you show your face to the world
  3. Path of Destiny Number shows the strength of a name

Breaking it Down

The Heart of Sandy adds up to number 8.  Eight is the number of power. Therefore Sandy desires power.

The Personality of  Sandy adds up to a 1. One is the number of leaders and those in charge.  Sandy is now in charge and has all the power.

The Expression/Path of Destiny Number of Sandy adds up to 18 then reduces to 9.  18 is the number associated with caution. It is also related to the Moon in the Tarot and it is going on during a Full Moon phase in the United States.  Nine is the number of endings, fruition and attainment.  When something ends, it usually heralds in a new beginning.

Technical Stuff

Level of Hurricane Sandy is now a Category 1 Cyclone.  There is that number 1 again.  Ones are always the beginning of something new.  The number of purpose.

Hurricane Sandy has the Eyewall of a Category 3. Three is the full expression of something. It represents advancement.


Kathleen Lamoureux is a Tarot-Numerologist living in the San Francisco Bay area.  She wants to help youDiscover YourSelf. Find out what your name reveals about you.

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