The Down-Sizing of Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong at the 2005 Tour de France.
Lance Armstrong at the 2005 Tour de France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The saga of Lance Armstrong just goes on and on as the public stripping of the former world road-racing champion and 7-time Tour De France winner continues. Today two more chinks of armor are removed from Lance Armstrong, the former professional American road-racing cyclist. He has now stepped down as Chairman of his own cancer-fighting foundation Livestrong, and two major sponsors Nike  and Anheuser-Busch ended their relationship with the embattled cyclist.

His numerology chart tells us the story and why he is in the predicament he is in. It’s loaded with 9’s and 5’s which has endings and chaos written all over it. Number 9 is the number of the humanitarian that he could have truly been and it is also an ending number.  5 is the number of change and chaos, but it is also the number that invites in an opportunity for change.  Interestingly enough the universal yearly cycle for 2012 is currently resonating to the number 5 and Lance is in a 5 personal year.  This compounds all the personal chaos Lance is now going through based on his date of birth.  That being said, the question I want to ask is “What do YOU want to change now Lance?”

The Humanitarian?

Both Lance Armstrong’s Life Path and Expression numbers are 9.  This is supposed to be the humanitarian and philanthropist. However, Lance lived on the dark side of the 9 and did not use the enhancement qualities of his life’s purpose to serve for the good of the whole of and the good of humanity, but instead chose to use performance enhancement drugs because he was more concerned with his own needs instead and was driven by the negative side of his 37/1 personality number. A number 1 personality in the negative will use their exterior power and leadership skills and can conceal a dishonest nature. This is so unfortunate, because he formed his cancer-fighting charity, Livestrong as part of his fundamental humanitarian nature and personal experience. But he now is stepping down because his name is synonymous with cheating, lying and doping. In fact his charity raised approximately $500 million (see the number 5 and zero). These things take away from the real experiences  he personally experienced with cancer and the very reason he formed this charity in the first place.  Instead Lance chose to walk and live on the lower path. This is so sad not only for Lance, but for his family and friends, and all of his fans who have to endure this  with him and were invested in him.

Life Path Number

Lance’s Life Path number is 27/9 and he was born on 9/18/1971. Each of these numbers add up to the number 9 (the month, the day and the year). The Life Path number is what you are supposed to learn in this lifetime.  A 27/9 Life Path is the philanthropist and the humanitarian who is deeply concerned with things in the world.  The 9 goal is perfection, but this is very difficult to attain, because the higher a 9 evolves, the more tests there are, so a 9 Life path must guard against losing balance.  Lance lost his balance somewhere along the way and the lessons and the tests are obviously very challenging for him. He could evolve even more from this particular test by coming clean at some point in time and telling the truth for all the world to hear, including his children, whom I think are the innocent victims in his personal tragedy. The truth will set him free and help him go onto the next life lesson level. We can only hope.

Expression or Destiny Number – Lance Edward Gunderson

Lance was born Lance Edward Gunderson and he has an 18/9 Expression. Your full name at birth is your Destiny number, and represents what you really want in life  and the number that guides you to live up to your full potential.  The 18/9 Expression is also the humanitarian who is attracted to a cause and someone who wants to make the world a better place. Unfortunately the 9 can be drawn onto false paths with no reward at the end. In Lance’s case, he has been stripped of his rewards.

Maturity Number

His maturity number is also an 18/9 and is representative of someone who is concerned with the well-being of others and the good of the community.  Service to humanity is a fundamental aspect of the 9. However, on the negative side, someone like Lance with a preponderance of 9’s in his chart, there was the danger of his arrogance  getting in the way . Obviously his arrogance worked against him because his concern for winning by cheating was what brought him down and ultimately the cause of his alienation. The Maturity number surfaces around the age of 30-35 and represents underlying wishes or desires and has a more profound effect on your life as you get older. Unfortunately with Lance his underlying desires were not about the well-being of others as much as about himself and winning at any cost. And what a cost to him emotionally and spiritually.

Minor Expression or Minor Destiny Number – Lance Armstrong

The minor destiny number compensates in some way for the numbers that are or may be missing in the birth name.  Lance’s minor expression number is 16/7  and represents a magnetic individual with a forceful personality. However, the downfall of the 16/7 is  ego versus spirit where Lance was dominated by indulgences that existed as addictions. He allowed the material world to rule. Financial, professional and personal losses now dominate his life. In Numerology 16 is the number of awakenings and in the Tarot 16 is associated with the Tower. The number 16 is a very powerful force and when it appears, it represents the destruction of something built on false beliefs. But then16  reduces to the number 7 which is a God number and the number that forces reflection and assessment.  This is Lance’s chance to withdraw from the public eye and go within and contemplate his life. He knows the truth in his own heart. This is the time to reflect and learn who and what he really is. He must learn to trust himself without relying on the opinion of others. He must center himself and weigh the bad points as well as the good points.  We must keep in mind that good and bad is often purely relative. He has a weakness – it’s time for him to explore it so that he can become a source of strength again. He needs to speed-dial the universe for some help. The Hermit can also represent a wise person coming in to help him right about now.  Tony Robbins or Deepak Chopra comes to mind.

Birth Day Number

Lance was born on the 18th of September. The Birth Day Number is significant in understanding who you are and where your talents lie. 18’s are leaders and supposed to inspire others. This number  is also associated with the Moon in the Tarot and is a secrecy card representing illusions.  It is also a card that asks you to attend to your soul. Obviously Lance ignored all that. 18 reduces to number 9 – another ending number. However, in the Tarot 9 is the Hermit representing a time to go within and to contemplate and meditate.  In fact his Tarot Birth Cards is associated with the 18-9 Constellation.  The Moon and the Hermit – Delusion versus reality.  I reiterate what I stated above, he needs to seek wise counsel now in order to get through this massive loss.

Significance of a Personal Year

The personal year represents the trends and circumstances that you will experience during the current year.  Lance’s Personal Year Number for 2012 is a 5 in a 5 universal year which is representative of huge upheavals, change and chaos.  He is obviously living in one of the biggest moments of not only chaos in his life, but his life is turned upside down – it is forever changed.  Not only is he disgraced from the sport of cycling and was charged by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency to have used illicit performance enhancing drugs in June, but  his contracts with Nike and Anhauser-Busch ended today on a 14/5 universal day. And the U.S.ADA ordered that 14 years of his career results be erased – there’s that 14 again. In his chart, Lance’s physical plane of expression is also a 14/5. He has a strong constitution, but felt he had to go outside his God-given body and thought that he had to be super-human in order to win. Really Lance was your ego was so big you didn’t think you’d get caught or found out?  Today’s society is structured so that everyone is held accountable for their words, actions and deeds – good and bad. in the Tarot, 14 is Temperance and it’s that alchemical moment of balance. The balance between right and wrong that Lance ignored for so long, and appears to still be doing that.

Hidden Passion

Lance’s hidden passion number, which reveals a special strength and talent that shapes one’s personality, is also a 5. It’s well-documented that 5’s have a tendency to satisfy their senses by over-induldging in food, drink sex and/or drugs.  This is common among those who have a preponderance of 5’s in their chart, which Lance has.


All of Lance’s Challenge numbers are zero (0).  Challenge numbers represent our strengths and weaknesses and learning to turn your weaknesses into strengths. Zero is the number that has no beginning and no end and is the Fool in the Tarot. The Fool is the one who is prepared to fall off the cliff and one who makes also makes unconventional choices.  The Fool is not necessarily a bad thing and can in fact represent unexpected opportunities and knowing when to take a calculated risk.  However, when used in the negative, there is a difference between risk taking and plunging into the depths of hell. Lance fell off his cliff into a danger-zone that he willingly plummeted to.

Essence Cycle

Essence Cycles are certain lessons you are dealing with during the year which runs from birthday to birthday.  Lance is currently in a 15/6 Essence Cycle. The 15/6 vibration is associated with manipulation, imperfect balance, bondage and self-enslavement.  In the Tarot 15 is the Devil and 6 is Love.  So while Lance has the urge to separate and to let fear take over, he also has the choice to love himself as he is and for what he himself is. It’s a time of separation and union. He will have to come to terms with his legacy and the downfall he himself created. The bigger question is what will Lance do to redeem himself or can he?  After all  he has lost his prestige, his titles, his money and is going through the most public humiliation of all.  It’s the equivalent to the book the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, to show public shaming – only this time the offense is cheating, lying and doping in sports. Those who excel in sports are our heroes and we hold them to a certain level of moral and ethical behavior.


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