Uranus & Mercury Retrograde July 2012

Planets of the Solar System
Planets of the Solar System (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In July two planets go retrograde – Uranus and Mercury –  so it’s important to be prepared so that you can get through them with as little fall-out as possible.  The Universal energy this year has been difficult lately because we are in a Universal 5 year which rules change and more change. It feels or seems as if we are walking through a fog bank – hard to see through, yet when we get through to the other side by the end of the year we will realize that we made it – but not without having to change or be forced to change. Many of us feel as if we are going through our own personal tsunami.

Planets have different meanings and values and each one brings certain lessons we must learn to the table.  When  planets retrograde, they don’t actually travel backwards, but stop in their track and then all the other planets in their path, when they catch up to them, also stop moving forward.  This damns up the forward moving energy and thus causes negative energy, chaos and confusion to spill out into the Universe that we are at the effect of during retrograde cycles. Retrograde planets actually change the power of the planet.

English: Seasonal change on Uranus as the plan...
English: Seasonal change on Uranus as the planet approaches its equinox (the right image). The bright southern polar collar becomes dimmer. On the middle image a bright cloud is visible. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Uranus goes Retrograde July 13 through December 13th

Uranus goes retrograde for 5 months beginning on July 13 and lasts for 5 full months – Link this 5 to the Universal 5 year we are in and you have rebellion combined with chaos and change.  In astrology Uranus is considered the planet of revolution because it rules rebellion, freedom and unexpected events.  Over the course of the next 5 months you most likely will be confronting your own personal fears in addition to roadblocks that seem to be causing chaos in your life. Your own personal freedom may be affected in some way that forces a change that perhaps you should have made on your own, but if you didn’t or don’t, Uranus will force it upon you – because Uranus is the great awakener and the planet that likes to shake things up. So for example if you are in the wrong job, career, relationship, or a project you are working on is not going as planned , Uranus will let you know because Uranus usually forces a change that needed to happen.  Just think of Uranus as the tough love planet-parent.

Linking Numerology and the Tarot

16/7 Universal Day

  • Uranus retrogrades on a 16/7 Universal Day.
  • 16 in Numerology is a number that represents awakenings and the unforeseen because that is the intention during this period – to overthrow existing conditions to make way for new and improved ones.
  • The universal energy during this cycle is intense and there could be accidents, bankruptcy, loss and conflict with others. So stay in integrity with everything.
  • 7 is the number that causes reflection, assessing and questioning your motives.
  • 7 helps us explore the mysteries of life and brings out our spiritual nature.
  • Under a 7 vibration, it is not time to push your business or financial affairs. It is a time to go within and become quiet and receptive. It is a time to think about yourself and your station in life.
  • Listen to your inner promptings  – dream and visualize.
  • When you emerge from this state, new facets of yourself will emerge and you will be more evolved spiritually, mentally, physically.
the tower
the tower (Photo credit: paintedbox)

The Tower
In the Tarot, 16 is associated with the Tower where shocking situations can happen, unpleasantness and negativity rule. It is also the destruction of something that has been built upon false beliefs. The Tower is a structure (your home or beliefs) that when built, you thought would last forever and nothing could or would destroy it. With Uranus retrograde, your tower this year may be hit with lightning. The Tower is a difficult card in the Tarot because if your structure (beliefs, thinking, attitude, family, relationships) have been built on all that is false, then your foundation will be destroyed and you will be forced to rebuild – only to make way for a new and better foundation. The Tower doesn’t really offer us much but destruction, because sometimes certain beliefs have to be shattered in order for illumination and enlightenment to follow. That is its true message.

Mercury Retrograde

  • Mercury is retrograde again beginning on July 14th until August 8th.
  • In astrology, the planet Mercury represent the mind and communication. It is symbolic of how we get our message across to others. Messages come in the form of  verbal, letters, documents, email, the internet.
  • While Mercury is traveling backwards, make sure all communication is operating at optimum levels because as we all know, miscommunication is the bane of Mercury Retrograde.
  • Speaking of communication, if you cannot say something nice to someone or are irritated by someone’s attitude or behavior, then wait until the cycle has completed itself and you have thought of a new and creative way to get your message across.
  • Be sure to back up all electronic devices – which in this day and age is the new form of communication – it’s how we conduct business and interact with each other. It’s the new norm and we have gotten used to these little gadgets that really run our lives – at least for many of us.
  • Mercury retrogrades on a 17/8 universal day which is a power day. 17 rules fortune, rewards and material success. The number 8 is all about movement and power.
  • Power seems to be the operative word with the 8, so get your mojo on.

Love, light and big hugs,


Kathleen Lamoureux is an Intuitive Numerologist and Life Coach in the San Francisco Bay area.  Discover YourSelf through your numbers – why you are here and what you are supposed to accomplish while you are here on earth.

Contact Kathleen for your personalized Numerology Forecast or an Intuitive Tarot Consultationkathleenlamoureux@gmail.com

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