11.1.11 – Harmony & Balance

November Numerology


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11.1.11 ~ A New Evolution

Today as I write this, there is a global movement toward collective  consciousness and an awareness that we simply can no longer ignore – it’s called Conscious Evolution. The world is in chaos and its very inhabitants – each of us – are destroying it with negative thoughts, hatred, spiritual isolation, discrimination, pollution, bullying, and so forth.  However, we can and have the opportunity to change how we think and act and lead with our heart and live by values and to evolve to a higher state of consciousness.

There is a worldwide meditation today on 11.1.11 at 11:11 a.m. which invites not only evolutionary leaders, but each of us to participate in a silent meditation to hold the intention for the emergence of the next evolutionary leap in consciousness.

11.1.11 – A Call To A Shift in Thinking

There are 5 ones in this equation – a preponderance of ones. The number 1 is the number that helps us to start over, a time to begin anew and a time to unite in collective consciousness.  In the Old Testament  Genesis 1:13 stated “Let there be light.” The first spiritual emanation was light. In order for us too get back to the beginning of the source, our soul must continue to follow the light to help us realize the powers within ourselves. However, when there is a preponerance of one single number such as the number 1 in this equation, it means that we have been and are being too independent.  Today, there is a call for a new way of thinking and being – a collective interdependence.

If you look at the date 11.1.11 it looks like the single 1 (the individual) in the middle has a choice to walk between two pillars – one facing east (right) and one facing west (left). Does one choose the westerly pillar which follows our ego and emotional self, or do we choose a new path and enter the easterly pillar and follow our spirituality and mental self.

Live in Harmony

11.2011 reduces to the number 6.
The universe this month resonates universally to the number 6.
6 is the number of harmony and finding balance.

What is harmony?

Harmony is when we live in a state of balance which requires an equalizing force between the physical and Spiritual aspects of life. There must be balance in order to achieve harmony. 

Take time today and all during this month to reflect on where you want to spend your time.  Do you choose to walk between the pillars that offers enlightenment and growth to your spiritual self, or do you want to remain in your emotional/ego self? As always choice is about free will.


You can change your actions and behavior patterns by adjusting your daily life patterns. Incorporate equal effort in both directions – East and West to achieve harmony and balance.

Be a force for positive change!

“See with open eyes – love with an open heart”


STOP! Pay attention to your intuition!!
Kathleen Lamoureux is a Numerologist and Intuitive Mentor living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  For more information or to receive an intuitive numerology and/or a Tarot Reading, contact her at kathleenlamoureux@gmail.com, or visit her website at:


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