Amanda Knox and the Power of Freedom

If anyone knows the feeling of the power of freedom, it is certainly Amanda Knox who was freed yesterday on murder charges in the death of Meredith Kercher. Let’s examine the numbers in this sensational case and her numerology birth chart to see more closely how the numbers have affected her life the past 4 years and how it relates to her Numerology Birth Chart.

The Numbers in the Case:

Date of death of Meredith Kercher 11/1/2007 – which is reduced to 12/3. This is the number of the victim and also relates to the “Hanged Man” in the Tarot, which can indicate sacrifice and the inability to help oneself through the actions of others…

Amanda was convicted on 12/9/2009 – which is reduced to 14/5. This is the number that rules the media and any type of communication. This certainly was and continues to be a sensational story in the media. 14/5 also represents a time in one’s life to slow down and modify lifestyle and certain behaviors or attitude.

November 2007 was an 11/2 Universal Year – 11 is the number of spiritual enlightenment, of inspiration, of paying attention to ones intuition. It is a very powerful Master Number that requires living up to all the potential it provides. 11 is like walking between 2 pillars of truth and interestingly enough 11 in the Tarot is associated with Justice, which requires that all things in life must be weighed, measured and held accountable. 11 reduces to number 2 which is about balance and partnerships.

Amanda’s Personal Year in 2007 was a 7 – This is the number associated with mystery, spiritual matters, the unknown, the unseen. As a personal year vibration, the 7 represented  a year for Amanda to take a big time out from her usual life experiences, to go inside of herself and explore the hidden mysteries of the situation she found herself in. She most certainly was grasping for an understanding to questions she simply did not have the answers to. This was not an easy year for her and as she progressed from 2007 through 2011, she had to go through the remaining cycles of the 8 in 2008 (finding inner power and courage) and the 9 in 2009 (endings and feelings of hopelessness), a 1 in 2010 (new beginnings and feelings of hope on the horizon) to the 2 in her current personal year (finding balance after calamity).

Amanda was freed on a 8 Universal Day in a 5 Universal Month – 8 is the number of power and courage and interestingly enough Amanda Knox’s Minor Expression Number (her signature name) is an 8. The Expression Number is also known as the Path of Destiny Number in numerology and reveals the orientation and goals of one’s life and what one came into this lifetime to accomplish. More on this later…

October is a 5 Universal Month – which truly represents the power of change and the call for freedom. 5 is the number of life experiences which includes all of its uncertainties and conflicts that can arise.

Amanda’s Release Date from an Italian Prison was 10/3/2011 – This is a 8 Universal Day and ties in with her Minor Name Expression Number of 8. Eight is the number that represents power and courage.

Amanda Knox Numerology Profile

Birth Name: Amanda Marie Knox
Her Birth Name is her Expression, also known as the Path of Destiny Number. Amanda Maria Knox was born as a 9. This is the number that represents the humanitarian type of individual who. during their lifetime, can be attracted to a cause or a movement. I would say that without a doubt, Amanda brought the world’s attention toward a case that was flawed from the beginning, but in the end brought justice to a case of injustice.

Signature Name: Amanda Knox
When Amanda Marie Knox changed her name slightly to Amanda Knox  – her signature name, she changed her expression number to a number 8. Eight (8) is the number not only of strength and courage, but oftentimes, courage and strength requires patience as well.  For Amanda, strength, will and effort will always be at the forefront of her successes in life, for these are innate characteristics she was born with.

Amanda is in a Personal Year of 2 – which will require her to regain balance in her life after 4 years of intense personal struggle and chaos. Two is the number of duality and indicates the two sides of things – the good and the bad, the joys and the sorrows, yin and yang, up and down and night and day. Duality and inner reflection will be her constant companions.

15/6 as it relates to Amanda’s Soul Number and Essence Numbers

Amanda Marie Knox’s Soul Number is 15/6
The Soul Number is one’s secret desire in life. Secretly this number arms her with the desire to  follow a life of peace and harmony. This number often finds one spreading the ideal of the “Golden Rule” of life – Do unto others as you would want others to do to unto you. In Amanda’s closing arguments in her trial, she pleaded that she was not a person who was violent, perverse, one who killed or had disrespect for life. She was obviously referring to the fact that she fundamentally was and still is a person who loves harmony, peace and values family and friends alike. She follows the Golden Rule of life.

The Essence Number – This number reflects the lessons one will be dealing with during the year and its influence is felt from birthday to birthday. In Amanda’s case her Essence is felt from July 9th of one year to July 9th to the next year.  Amanda’s Essence Number at the age 20 (the year of Meredith’s death) and this year at age 24 (the year she was acquitted) are the same – 15/6.  Her essence during both of these critical years (20 and 24) represent a time of responsibility to not only family and friends, but a responsibility to her own ideals with an underlying element of self-sacrifice that she has had to endure for 4 years. This Essence Number has come full-circle in her life and those under a 6 essence most certainly must hold on very tightly to the reigns, lest they get away. It is a fact that Amanda held on tightly to the ideology that she was in fact innocent and was ultimately freed of the charge of murder.

Let there be no mistake that Amanda Knox is grieving for her friend Meredith and she will grieve over her death for the rest of her life. A part of Amanda’s life was taken on the day that Meredith Kercher died, but hopefully Amanda’s life going forward will be improved through this very painful life experience and ordeal.

RIP Meredith Kercher…


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