Why it Took 18 Years for Jaycee Dugard to be Found

A Stolen Life – the story of  Jaycee Dugard’s  kidnapping was available today 7.12.2011. This date reduces to 14/5 – the number that rules the media and communication.

The very personal story about the abduction on June 10, 1991 of Jaycee Lee Dugard when she was 11 years old was revealed for the first time on Prime Time Sunday night, 7.10.2011 by Diane Sawyer. This date reduces to  12/3 – known as the victim’s number.

This story has everyone fascinated and promises to be on the best seller’s list for many moons to come. It is a story of hope and faith and coming back from the brink of despair. Jaycee was lost for 18 years and became a victim of a faulty legal system, human error and inadequacies.

But let’s examine some of the core numbers in Jaycee’s numerology blueprint and find out why her life path has been so extreme since the age of 11.  Keep in mind that she was abducted at the age of 11 and her story is airing in 2011. As I write frequently about number 11, her story comes during the 11th year of this century — a year when we have the opportunity to transform ourselves and walk through the gateway of truth. The truth doesn’t always reveal kindness and fairness. Sometimes the truth is harsh and violent as in the case of Jaycee. She bares her soul in her book and whether we like it or not, we find ourselves compelled to read her story – because her story could be our story or the story of our children.  I have not read the book yet, but I am sure I will at some point.

She was captivating to watch during the Diane Sawyer interview. The thing that I noticed the most was how resilient she seemed, how calm she came across, how accepting she was of her situation, and that she was not reactive to the probing questions of why, why, why by Diane Sawyer. I think a lot of people would have been defensive, but she stayed centered, calm and focused. She gave us the facts without drama or using any type of sensational words or outbursts – this only endeared her more to those who cling to her story of hope and survival. One thing that shows up in her chart is her lack of prejudice and the one comment from Diane about Phillip Garrido being her daughter’s father and how she felt about that to which Jaycee simply said “It is what it is” – she did not find the need to embellish her outrage with other words or comments. Refreshing.

Karmic Debt Numbers

Jaycee’s numerology chart reveals two karmic debt numbers in her name. Karmic debt numbers in one’s core numbers is quite significant with serious consequences occurring in one’s life. The 13/4 karmic debt number shows up in two of her core numbers – her minor heart’s desire number, derived from the name she currently introduces herself as, and her personality number. The 14/5 karmic debt number shows up in her heart’s desire number derived from her full name at birth.

In numerology, there is an ancient belief of reincarnation and each individual incarnates as many times as necessary to evolve to a higher state of being or awareness. The 13/4 karmic debt number essentially is the number that places obstacles  in one’s life path and the ability to overcome those obstacles – no matter how large or small.  In Jaycee’s case she has had one huge obstacle to overcome.

The 13/4 is one of huge burdens with seemingly futile efforts, but does force focus and perseverance.  I mean it is so outrageous that 18 years went by with so many opportunities for her to be discovered and reunited with her mother and family. It makes most people scratch their heads in disbelief and wonder why.

The 14/5 karmic debt number is the number of sudden changes and unexpected events as Jaycee experienced on the day her “normal” life changed for 18 years on June 10, 1991. It is also a possibility that during previous incarnations, personal freedom was abused in some way and there was a debt to pay that back.

The number 9 – This number shows up in many places in Jaycee’s chart and in the events of her kidnapping. One of the primary themes of the 9 is change and endings and it is a testing number – again, the higher you evolve, the more difficulties one encounters.

  • Jaycee’s birth name reduces to 27/9 – a number of great spiritual strength which is how she got through her ordeal.
  • The day she was kidnapped, June 10, 1991 reduces to the number 9 – an ending cycle
  • The day she was found, August 26, 2009 reduces to 18/9 – the healing begins
  • Her personal year and month number was 9 the year she was found – endings with a new beginning on the horizon
  • She was held captive for 18 years which reduces to 9 – karmic debt repaid

Jaycee Dugard is a young woman of such great spiritual strength. Her mental strength and positive attitude helped her to survive the past 18 years.  Her karmic debt is a thing of the past and she survived only to evolve to a higher state of being. Her mission now is to bring awareness to those victims of similar circumstances – this is part of her evolvement and test.  She is now a beacon of light and hope for others. Her voice springs eternal through the reality of her own personal and tragic experience and I understand she will help other kidnap victims too.

In the end, it was her deep and abiding spiritual understanding and insight that helped her overcame the odds to survive something so deeply life altering. Her solution to each situation she encountered while in captivity shows her true strength and amazing resilience.

Welcome back  Jaycee Dugard!!!!!


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