Casey Anthony Got Away with Murder

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Casey Anthony has not lived a life in alignment with the spiritual roots she was assigned – if one embraces the philosophy of reincarnation.  Spiritually, she was and is bankrupt. She had the opportunity for a life that embraced luck, success and honor. Her Life path number is 10/1 – which by many standards is a number of great fortune and luck. But unfortunately Casey lived on the dark side of this vibration and lived according to her rules and not those of the positive attributes; and until her death she will always be vilified in the eyes of public opinion over the murder and cover up of her daughter Caylee Anthony. Casey Anthony applied all the negative attributes of the 10/1 Life Path number – stubbornness, a fixed mind and extremely opinionated. Another hallmark of the negative side is one who is domineering and ruthless – one who pursues her own goals to the exclusivity of anyone in her way. She exaggerated everything in her life path and left a path of destruction that is essentially irreparable. She used the power she was gifted in the opposite and most negative way possible.

Her Birth Day number is the Karmic Debt number 19/1

The central theme of the 19 Karmic Debt number is her stubbornness (which shows up in many areas of her chart) and the inability to listen to others. Casey Anthony lacked compassion and the understanding that her beautiful daughter Caylee was a gift and a treasure – but of course, she stayed stuck in her own fixed ways and lost sight of being a positive role model as a human being and a mother.

Birth Name – Casey Marie Anthony is also a Karmic Debt Number of 16/7

  • Casey Anthony obviously came in with a lot of karmic debt and unfortunately did not live up to the challenge that these numbers provided her – to make good choices and to rectify errors from the past. Again, if you believe in reincarnation, there are certain rectifications of errors from past lifetimes that one must live up to. Given the fact that she has 2 Karmic Debt numbers in her core numbers in her numerology chart, Casey Anthony had the burden of learning certain lessons from previous lifetimes. Unfortunately, she did not even rise to the occasion.
  • Casey was acquited on July 7, 2011 which comes to 16/7
  • And her Destiny Number (date of birth) mirrored the same 16/7 vibration.

Her Essence Number at the age of 22 was 19/1 – when Caylee Anthony died, Casey Anthony’s Essence Number was 19/1 where she found herself in a personal struggle between independence and her own personal ambition.  22 is also a master number which is one of the most powerful of all numbers with a lot of potential for success. However, Casey lived on the negative side of every positive vibration she had.

Casey’s current essence number is a 15/6 – where responsibility, duty, family matters and ideals were ignored. Caylee Anthony’s was born in a 6 year and died in a 6 month as she was officially declared missing in June 2008.

Personal Year Numbers

  • Casey Anthony was in a 5 personal year when her daughter Caylee Anthony was murdered – The negative side of the 5 personal year vibration is when one can be tempted by the desires of the flesh – too much drugs, sex and alcohol.
  • She is currently in an 8 personal year and the negative side of this vibration brings in serious loss and failure.
  • She is currently in a 6 personal month in July 2011 – The 6 is an emotional number where one needs to take responsibility for their actions and 6 is also the number of family and children. The negative side of the 6 personal month is guilt, loss and instability.

Casey Anthony walked free of the 3 major charges against her and probably will not serve that much more time.  It is a bitter pill to swallow and we the people just want justice for Caylee Anthony.  As Casey Anthony’s lawyer said, “there are no winners” in this tragic story. But the biggest loser of all was Caylee Anthony who lost her life before her time.

Rest in peace Caylee Anthony…


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