End of Wimbledon 2011 for the Williams Sisters

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It was an ending like no ending yesterday for the Williams sisters at the prestigious Wimbledon tennis tournament. Both sisters lost on the same day for the first time ever at Wimbledon in the second week.  In looking at their numerology charts, this is what I discovered:

Venus Williams has a lot of 9’s in her numerology chart.

  • She happens to be in a 9 personal year which represents a year of endings and changes.
  • Her heart’s desire number is a 9 and this number represents one’s true motivations in life. For Venus this number increases her capacity for self-sacrifice towards her main goal in life — as a super tennis star champion.
  • Her mental expression number is a 9 which represents the emotional and intuitive side of one’s nature.  Instinctively she probably knew she wasn’t going to win yesterday as the mind is always dealing with the world of thoughts that swirl around inside. Case in point, Venus actually offered less resistance to her opponent Tsvetana Piroknova who beat her 6-3; 7-6. If you add up Venus’s points 3 + 6 comes to the number 9.
  • Venus’ Essence Number resonates to an 18/9 this year. This is a year in which her ideals will be tested and she will have to learn to let go of old habits. This was obvious in a repeat match against Pironkova  who beat her last year at Wimbledon.  She played badly and missed easy forehand volleys and shots she should have gotten.
  • Venus is 31 years old in 2011.  Both numbers reduce to the number 4 and represents (among other things) rebuilding old foundational structures. Her foundation – tennis – was altered yesterday. But she will rebuild emotionally, physically and spiritually and come back stronger than ever next year when she will be in a 1 personal year as the number 1 always provides opportunities to start over and begin anew.

Serena Williams is in a 3 personal year with an 18/9 life path number

  • A personal 3 year is a year that brings personal growth and expansion but also in a 3 personal year there are often times delays and disappointments which she most certainly experienced yesterday. After yesterday’s brutal loss, this will obviously force her to stop and regroup her physical and mental health. Those of us who follow tennis know that Serena has been plagued for the past year with all kinds of health issues and this all started in her personal 2 year in which her drive and momentum was drastically reduced due to her emotional, physical and mental response to her numerous injuries and health issues.
  • The 3 is following her this year and showing up in a major way.  Her expression number is 21/3  which represents the goal orientation of one’s life. One of the lessons of the 21/3 is concentration and focus — all of which she will have to regain after yesterday’s loss.
  • Her heart’s desire is a 12/3 and again, the heart’s desire represents one’s true motivations in life. For Serena this provides her with the ability to be more positive and uplifting and I believe, if memory serves me correct, she is the most positive and uplifting of the two sisters – so this attribute will certainly come in handy right about now.
  • Serena is in a 9 personal month in June 2011, so again this number represents endings and changes. With her health issues, she most likely suspected this Wimbledon loss could be in the cards.

And by the way, between the two of them, they had 9 Wimbledon ladies Single Titles between them…

But at end of the day, the Wimbledon loss is not the end for them by any stretch of the imagination. It was certainly disappointing for them and their father who is their coach, but they will begin working on their game immediately.  Serena is going into a 1 personal month in July – which means she will be looking forward with optimism and eagerness to start over and put this month behind her. Venus on the other hand, is going into a 7 personal month in July – which means she will most likely be looking at the magnitude of the inner changes and growth she will be experiencing. 7 forces inner changes and she will need to contemplate all the changes she will have to make on court if she wants to win any tournament anytime soon.


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