The Universal Numbers of Fathers and Dads

June 19, 2011
It’s Father’s Day and families in many countries are celebrating a day that bonds Fathers to their children and visa versa – it’s a day to celebrate fatherhood. It is a day in which token gifts are often bestowed upon the Father by their children, and in many cases gifts are also bestowed by the wife to her husband – the Father of their children.  Gift represents a token of appreciation for all that Father has done throughout the year. These gifts can range anywhere from the traditional Tie gift that was popular in the 50’s and 60’s to the high tech gift of a touch I-pod or I-Pad for example that is popular in the 21st century. Whew! Times have certainly changed from 1908 when the first Father’s Day was observed on July 5th of that year. Read about the History of Father’s day.

The Best Gift of All
Father’s Day is an opportunity to spend quality family time together doing something special together – a picnic, a barbeque, playing frisbee, walking on the beach, taking a hike or whatever families do to get that quality time in. This day might even include some alone time for Dad to rest or for the fam to make him his special breakfast or dinner.

As a Numerologist, I wanted to share some universal numbers that all Fathers and/or Dads share:

The word Father reduces to the number 31/4
Under the number 4 vibration, a Father’s role is to provide a foundation in which to live (a roof over the families head), as well as being in charge of providing the foundations of emotional and spiritual balance and guiding their children towards good conduct and good moral behavior.  This is their responsibility as a good parent.

The word Dad is a 3 letter word that reduces to the number 9
This number is representative of those Dads that are helpful, compassionate, patient, understanding, kind and who has large shoulders to lean on – after all, those shoulders are large for little heads to cry on and be consoled.

Do these numbers sound like descriptions of your Father or Dad? If so, post a comment of how your Father or Dad has been of benefit to you or a photo of you with your Dad today on my blog or facebook page.

Happy Father’s Day to all you Fathers and Dads out there!  Enjoy your special day, but most of all cherish your children each and every day!


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