Full Moon Eclipse on a Universal 16/7 Day

 Today is a Full Moon Eclipse and in numerology when you add up the entire date, it comes to the double-digit number of 16 and then this number reduces to the number 7. So the universal day number  for June 15, 2011 is 16/7 as Numerologists write it out. 

Full Moons – whenever there is a full moon, it has the tendency to bring out the crazy in people as the gravitational pull on the universe can have an adverse affect on human emotions. 

Eclipses shake things up in life – Eclipses have a lot of power and can bring in strong energy and challenges that perhaps you did not expect, but mostly eclipses bring in the positive and emphasize new beginnings and starting over.  Either way, emotions may run high today during this lunar eclipse, so stay as grounded as possible.

Number 16 in the Tarot is associated with the Tower and is ruled by the Planet Mars. The Tower can bring about upheavals especially in the home environment – you may be moving or thinking of moving or perhaps you are remodeling your home.  Whatever is happening in the area of hearth and home, there is a tremendous amount of energy going on and perhaps unsettled feelings. Just remember these keywords: sudden and unexpected today for anything can happen – so be aware of your emotions and take a moment to breathe when there is sudden chaos.

Mars represents our aggressive nature and can bring out feelings of anger. On the upside, Mars can bring out our courageous side and the ability to be positive during unexpected events – especially during a full moon or lunar eclipse on a 16/7 universal day.

Number 16 in numerology – The number 16 is a difficult number vibration and has been compared to a karmic debt number –  the number of the ego and can be someone with a forceful and egotistical personality.  One with a 16/7 in any of their core numbers will have a hard time in life if they do not find the ability to be humble – at least some of the time and live continuously with an inflated ego and the motto “my way or the highway” can cause fallout from friends, family and colleagues along the way.

During a 16/7 universal day there is opportunity to  let go of our ego and be more humble. This number serves as a reminder that we can’t control everything in our life. The eclipse can act as a catalyst toward larger life decisions that need to be made, otherwise we just live in our safe little house, in our safe little rut without any change in direction at all. 

Number 7 – In the New Testament, the number 7 is the number of rest – God created heaven and earth in 6 days and on the 7th day he rested. In the Tarot, the number 7 is associated with the Chariot which is about initiation and great determination.

How to deal with today’s full moon eclipse – Utilizing all the aspects of the numbers in today’s universal code, today is perhaps a time to change your perspective –  in your personal life, in your dealings with friends and family and to shine the light of truth in areas that you need to. Be courageous, be determined, initiate and let go of the part of your ego that does not serve you.  Allow the gates in your life to swing open and allow your inner Charioteer to help you travel to all areas of success in your life – personally, emotionally and spiritually.


What number are you? Discover YourSelf through your numerology blueprint and an Intuitive Life Coaching session with Numerologist and Intuitive Life Coach, Kathleen Lamoureux.



  1. Thanks Kathleen! I had been hoping I would go into labor today but…now maybe not so much. I guess whatever will be will be!


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