Double the Vibration, Triple the Energy – 2, 22, 222!

Numerologists love to play with numbers and I am no exception.  Certain numbers hold appeal and double-digit and triple-digit numbers seem to be catching the most attention on a universal level lately.  Numbers have been around since the beginning of time, but there is a lot of buzz about these type of numbers recently and many people are catching the fever.

Today is February 22nd or 2.22.2011.  Therefore, in today’s universal date we have 4 twos plus the double-digit numbers 22 and 11 – which are both master numbers (more about that later). And today’s date (2.22.2011) actually adds up to the number 10/1 or 37/1 (depending on how you calculate the numbers and all numbers are reduced to a single-digit number).  Either way, today is a universal day number of 1. The number 1 universal day number is a day where new things begin, it’s about leadership, independence and drive.

Single Digits versus double digits

The number 2

Ah yes! Well double-digit or multiple-digit numbers actually intensifies the single-digit number and places special attention and emphasis on that particular number. Single-digit numbers (1 through 9)  have certain aspects or something numerologists refer to as “frequencies” — a type of numerical vibration which impacts actions and reactions in our personal lives as well as on a universal level.  Single-digit numbers are explicit.  For example a 2 has its own unique numerical vibrational frequencies such as these aspects:

  • The number 2 is the number of duality – Duality simply means the opposite nature of things – for example light versus dark, good versus bad or joy versus sorrow.
  • The number 2 provides the energy and desire to find peace — 2 could be considered the goodwill ambassador of numbers.
  • Those with the number 2 have the ability to use tact and diplomacy to handle difficult situations – 2 has the magic gift to uplift, inspire and create a better environment or world.
  • The number 2 has enhanced abilities to be a mediator — Those with 2s in their chart are usually an integral part of that which they are associated with.

The number 22

Double-digit numbers show patterns of experience; They provide a more complete picture of what one is capable of; They are considered destiny numbers. Using 22 as an example of a double-digit number, let’s explore the numerical frequency of this double-digit number which also happens to be a master number.

  • Master numbers such as 11, 22, 33 and 44 have special qualities with much more potential, but are hard to live up to or master. Why? Because master numbers can be compared to a fine wine — they require time, wisdom and maturity for the totality of their vibrational frequencies to be fully integrated into one’s personality and/or life. These qualities can be integrated quicker into one’s life plan for those who are much more spiritually aware or inclined.
  • The master number 22 is considered the most powerful of all numbers. This number reduces to a 4 (2 + 2 = 4) and one can experience life as a 4 if they do not live up to the full potential of the 22.  4 is not a bad thing, for 4’s are the creative builders of the universe — but the 22’s are the “Master Builders” of the universe.
  • 22’s can achieve great things in life – they have big plans, big ideas — 22’s want to save the world.
  • 22’s have original ideas to create solutions not only for practical problems, but for those things in life that most consider unsolvable.

The number 222

So to recap, single -digit numbers have certain “frequencies” associated with them. Double-digit numbers show more capability with more potential – they activate an emphasis on a single digit number. Triple-digit numbers therefore intensify the frequency of the double-digit delineation even more.  Triple-digit numbers are always an indication that angels are around and want us to be aware of certain subliminal messages they want you to see or hear when you see a triple digit number. Using 222 as an example, this is the message it brings when you see this triple digit number 222:

  • Align your thoughts with the truth of all that is around you.
  • Stay balanced – go toward the light more and stay out of dark, murky thought patterns.
  • Keep watering and nurturing the seeds of peace and peaceful solutions.
  • See the evidence of the master builder within you.
  • Use your magic gift to uplift yourself and the world at large.
  • 222 activates your success on a huge scale – dreams, advancement and success are yours — so keep visualizing more.
  • Keep your eyes and ears open to the magical vibrations of numbers – they are all around you and they are waiting for you to activate and be activated by their magical gift.


Do you have master numbers in your chart?  Get your numerology blueprint done today by Intuitive Life Coach and numerologist, Kathleen Lamoureux and discover your full potential!

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