Finding Your Inner Valentine

“At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet ” – Plato

Lovers everywhere are celebrating Valentine’s Day this weekend or are in search of their special Valentine.   Valentine’s Day was established in 500 AD by Pope Gelasius and was eventually shortened from its original name Saint Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day is a day in which lovers or intimate companions celebrate their love for each other by offerings of love such as flowers, chocolates, poetry, hugs, kisses, appreciation and other forms of affection. In order to give and receive love freely and unconditionally, here’s how to find your own inner valentine and the ability to show appreciation for the valentine in your life.

An expressive nature

In numerology every word has an expression number which is derived from adding all the letters of that name.  Every name has a certain vibration and a definitive melodic ring that is a reflection of the core being of the sound when we hear it.  Ironically enough, names of individuals, events, places and things usually work out numerologically to fit the person, place or thing. When we hear a name, it oftentimes conjures up certain images in our mind.  The name Valentine for example, provides a clear image in our mind as we associate the name Valentine with love and romance and the belief in love.  The expression number of Valentine comes to the number 3. The expressive nature of the 3 is the expression and the optimism of love and romance.  Three’s are self-expressive and Love and sex are the ultimate acts of self-expression.  Three’s have the ability to communicate naturally as        L O V E is on center stage in a relationship.

In the tarot, the 3 is associated with the Empress which rules harmony, beauty and love.  The planet Venus is the corresponding astrological sign and Venus always seeks out harmony in her environment.  So set the stage for a romantic setting.  Don’t forget the flowers, the candles and an intimate note of appreciation for your romantic partner to set the stage for a very special and intimate evening of L O V E.   Let your inner Valentine out by showing your enthusiasm, optimism and belief towards love and your romantic relationship.  And remember, Love does not begin in the bedroom, but in the heart.

“Above all things I believe in love. Love is like oxygen. Love is a many-splendored thing. Love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love“!
— From the movie Moulin Rouge

Every name has a soul

The soul of a name — its heart – is what it already is. The soul number is derived from the vowels of a name.  The soul number for Valentine just happens to be a 2. The 2 is the number is of yearning and the dreams closest to the heart. The soul has motivation and intention — this is your inner Valentine.  Two valentines create perfect equilibrium and equal sharing — the blissful union of two souls. Two valentines give and receive the inner desire and yearning of what they ultimately already are.

“Two souls with but a single thought. Two hearts that beat as one” – Fredrich Halm

You are the nature of your personality

The personality number in numerology is derived from the consonant’s of a name.  The personality number shows how others see you. Valentine has the personality of a 1.  When we hear the name Valentine, its personality hits us over the head like a ton of bricks reminding us of hearts, flowers, chocolate and romantic candlelight dinners for two — oh yes and lots of sex too as sex releases Oxytocin — aka the Love hormone.  As a 1, Valentines have an original, clever and highly creative persona that radiate a certain type of dynamic energy – people are attracted to the high energy of 1’s.  To find your inner number 1 valentine persona,  be determined, but not overbearing. Show yourself and your love that you are not only charming but raise your level of magnetism in the process by showing how much you appreciate your partner.

P.S. Make every day of your relationship successful in L O V E by being the number 1 valentine all year long — show your appreciation of your romantic partner not just on one day of the year, but all 365 days of the year.


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