Love is a Many Numbered Thing – Partnership

Love is a Many Numbered Thing – Part 2

The Love of the

by CJ Wright and Kathleen Lamoureux

This is part two of a nine-part series exploring the many facets of love through numerology, the tarot, and astrological symbolism.

What is it about love that stirs your soul or drives you completely crazy?  Do you have a strong soul-mate connection, is your love more physically based or is it the love of a true friend?  Whatever love is to you, love is a matter of the heart that is as unique to you as your love to each other.  Our intention is to help you discover and utilize the power  of numerology, astrology and tarot so that you may fully realize the power and potential of your own love . Love is a Many Numbered Thing is a self-help “Love” toolbox filled with lots of metaphysical resources  to help guide you to understanding yourself so that you may understand your love relationship and your partner and what makes your love “tick” or not.

Kathleen: Romantic partnership began with Adam and Eve.  The number 2 encompasses all pairs of opposites which include man and woman. Adam and Eve were our first romantic role models. God gave Adam a human partner and they lived in the Garden of Eden until they ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and were banished, but their love survived and they had children.  As surely as 1 + 1 = 2, the number 1 is the beginning number in creation of man, but love cannot be manifested into reality without the significance of a partner. Therefore, the number 2 indicates a partnership with a focus on not only love, but of collaborations and negotiations between 2 people. Two is a joint venture which requires a certain amount, if not a lot, of effort if love is to succeed.  A joint venture in love is when a man and a woman undertake and partake in the sharing of love.

It Takes Two to Tango

Love can be compared to the dance, the tango, which symbolizes the difficulty and struggles of love. The number 2 is the number of duality – the two sides or nature of things.  After all it takes 2 to tango as they say. In relationships we can compare love to the dualities or opposites such as — 2 sides of the coin; the good and the bad; and the yin and the yang.

Lovers must accept the good with the bad with a grain of salt, for in love there will be good days and there will be bad days; love is up and love is down, but it is important to hold onto the positive attributes of each other and not let the bad times or a downturn in the energy interfere with all the positive attributes of the 2 energy within a couple.

The duality of yin and yang is like a strategy within the relationship. Do you choose the sunny side of the hill or the shady side of the street?  The yang influence provides the strength, fire, and power in a relationship; while the yin influence provides the cool breeze where soft winds blow. Love needs to find that balance in a relationship to maintain equilibrium.

“In love the paradox occurs that two beings become one and yet remain two” – Erich Fromm

CJ: You mentioned yin and yang, Kathleen, and that’s certainly a very important part of maintaining a loving relationship. True partnership is a seesaw ~ sometimes we’re up; sometimes we’re down, but we’re always on board. It reminds me of the 2 of Pentacles in the tarot ~ a constant balancing act.

There’s a misconception that the ideal partnership is one in which both partners give 50-50. The relationship is balanced and complete. This isn’t reality, though. While both should be giving 100% instead of 50, it’s more likely that sometimes we’re only giving 20% while our partner is carrying the load. And it’s even more likely that the relationship will change at some point and we find that our partner is only giving 40% while we carry the heavier load.

These are the scales of love which are forever in the act of balancing. I don’t remember where I heard it, but someone said that the only reason their marriage lasted as long as it did was because they never fell out of love with each other at the same time. That’s the seesaw in action.

The 2 has several aspects: duality, partnership, and union. We come together as individuals, retaining duality within the partnership. Commitment creates partnership, and we can certainly be in a partnership or marriage with someone we aren’t in love with. But it’s the magic spark of love that turns a romantic partnering into union ~ two joined together as one.

The Moon is the astrological equivalent of the number 2 and also The High Priestess of the tarot. Isn’t the Moon one of our most romantic symbols? Lovers meet by moonlight and romance can easily blossom under her loving gaze.

The Moon represents our heart and feelings, our tender spot, the softest part of our psyche, and our happy factor. When we’re happy, our inner Moon is full

The Sorrow of Unrequited Love ~ Sadly, a 2 love can be an unrequited love. My mother once said, “The saddest thing in the world is to love somebody who doesn’t love you back.” Unrequited love is probably the most painful love, but it holds a couple of the 2’s most endearing qualities ~ patience and selflessness. Unrequited love always hopes, always attends.

When I was a young girl, I fell hopelessly in love with a boy who had no idea of how I felt. Many of us have been there at one time or another, right? I sought comfort through poetry in those days and found plenty of validation for my unrequited love in this poem by Sara Teasdale.

Those Who Love by Sara Teasdale

Those who love the most,
do not talk of their love,
Francesca, Guinevere, Deirdre, Iseult, Heloise,
in the fragrant gardens of heaven
are silent, or speak if at all
of fragile inconsequent things.
And a woman I used to know
who loved one man from her youth,
against the strength of the fates
fighting in somber pride,
Never spoke of this thing.
But hearing his name by chance,
a light would pass over her face.

People with a strong and positive 2 energy are the listeners, the harmonizers, the peacemakers who understand that love has many faces. Never lost in their love, they are able to remain a supportive yet equal partner. While they may at times appear to be the overlooked man or woman behind the throne, in fact they are contented partners traveling side by side with their mate to the end of this earthly journey.

Kathleen: I agree with you CJ that the 2 has strong love energy, for the 2s in love are the lovers who find each other and are attracted like no other.  You also compared the number 2 to the High Priestess in the tarot, CJ.  The High Priestess moves between two pillars — again symbolizing duality. She represents one who just knows things — the awareness of being intuitive in a love relationship.  When a couple is tuned in to their relationship, there is a level of wisdom that is reached between lovers. This signifies that the energy of a romantic relationship, whatever stage has been reached, represents moving toward the next level of love. The heart or soul of a name in numerology is derived from the vowels of that name and the letters O and E in the word LOVE adds up to 11 which reduces to the number 2.  11 is one of four master numbers making the 11/2 a very powerful vibration as 11 is the number of intuition and inspiration.  The number 2 is accentuated by the number that 11 reduces to (1 + 1 = 2). Therefore the love of a 2 can create perfect equilibrium and the sharing of each others point of view or wavelength – a frequency measured and shared by lovers.

Ah unrequited love! The story of Dante and Beatrice is one of the greatest stories in history of unrequited love CJ. It is the story of  the Italian poet Durante Alighieri who was absolutely besotted with Beatrice Portinari from the moment he set eyes on her at the age of 9 and later penned his sentiment,  “From that time forward love fully ruled my soul.” Unfortunately his love for her remained only from a distance for he was forced to marry another woman in an arranged marriage, but Dante remained devoted in his heart to Beatrice the rest of his life and she was the one woman who was the inspiration behind his work.  You said it best CJ — “unrequited love always hopes, always attends”.

The love between a man and a woman is the epitome of love. In Latin, the word amor is the universal word for love, but on some ethereal level, love is neither planned nor willed but somehow imposes itself upon human beings and is one of the greatest emotions that a human being is capable of.  In numerology, the expression of the word amor comes to the double digit number of 20 which reduces to the single number 2.  This is the number of adaptability and resilience which is not only needed in relationships, but is required. In the end, the love of the 2 is captured in this sentiment: One man all by himself is nothing. Two people who belong together make a world.


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CJ Wright is a numerologist concentrating on the symbolic language of numbers and their relevance to each unique personality.  She acts as a numbers sherpa, guiding clients to the discovery and refinement of specific numerical energies that are the springboard of the soul’s longings and the foundation of a fulfilling,  inspired life.  She is the author of Year Seer: The Nine-Year Cycle of Life.  To learn more about CJ Wright,visit and
Kathleen Lamoureux is an Intuitive Life Coach and Numerologist.  Numerology is a self-help tool and a medium that she firmly believes transforms one’s perspective in the process of self-discovery. Kathleen’s readings and life coaching sessions combine her gift as a spiritual intuitive with the ancient science of numerology.  To learn more about Kathleen’s numerology work, visit

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