Indigenous Hopi Native American Prophecy – Part 1

This video states a very important message from Hopi Elder Floyd Red Crow Westerman! The significance of the aspect to numerology in this message is that the name Hopi comes to the double digit number 30/3. This number seeks perfection in all earthly activities and strives for security in this world.  This makes perfect sense since a Hopi woman is tuned into the perfection of life just by grinding corn. Simultaneously, the Hopi have been taken advantage of by man since Columbus arrived and their right to live free has been totally infringed upon.  In terms of the end of the world — it has been predicted to end by many cultures by the year 2012.  Whether this is true or not, 2012 comes to a universal year number of 5.  The number 5 is the ultimate number of change and restlessness. It could also be considered the number of destruction.  According to Hopi culture, the end of the world will come when all Hopi ceremonies cease. When the Blue Star Kachina removes his mask during a dance in the plaza and makes his appearance known in the heavens,  the “fifth world” will emerge. This is the representation that there is no more faith and a new cycle of life begins anew at Oraibi (the Hopi village) marking a new cycle for the Hopi. When, and if, Hopi ceremonies end, we see the word five or fifth.  5 in the New Testament represents the 4 elements (earth, water, fire and air) plus a fifth essence of ether or spirit. When we gain control over all 5 senses, intuition develops.

The name Kachina (a masked dancer who is thought to embody some particular spirit) comes to the number 11 — a master number representing wisdom and intuition at the          highest levels in the universe.  The participants in current Hopi rituals symbolize the spirit and value of ancient universal spiritual symbolism in its purest form. Oraibi reduces to the number 9 which represents completion and endings. The Hopi believe that there is no clear division between human beings and the spirit world.  So if the world were to end, life and death and the ceremonies the Hopi participate in, augment and renew the spiritual and subtle forces that in turn animate the physical world and its natural cycles.

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Intuitive Life Coach and Numerologist Kathleen Lamoureux  has been studying the Hopi for 35 years.  Her interest in the Hopi culture began with the gift of a Hahai-i Wuhti Tihu – a Katsina Mother doll — in 1976 and her collection grew from there.  She began to study the spiritual system that created such unique and mysterious figurines.  She was part of a book project in the late 1990’s where her poetry explained the universal and traditional significance of certain Hopi ceremonial participants derived from her natural insight and intuition. Her belief is that the Hopi symbolically represent powers we repress and apply a natural rhythm to their life that we have forgotten.  Kathleen says, “If we listen to ourselves and pay attention to our souls, the Hopi can remind us that we can, and must, attune ourselves to the need for spiritual change”.

Kathleen is a spiritual teacher, healer and numerologist who can help you understand the significance of all aspects of your life using numerology and understanding your own intuition as self-help tools to help you discover your life path and the meaning of your life.  What are you waiting for?  Book a reading today with the Numerology Coach by clicking any Book A Reading link in the Menu Bar.

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