The Gift Jack LaLanne Gave To The World

The Late Jack LaLanne - fitness guru


If ever there was an icon of health and fitness in the world, it was American fitness Guru Jack LaLanne.  He was so ahead of the curve in health and fitness in an era where it certainly was not fashionable to promote or sell the idea of health, let alone that a healthy body could be a source of strength and increase longevity.  Jack lived to a ripe old age.  After all, he was the age of 96 when he passed away on January 23, 2011.

The 6 Influence

In numerology, the essence number is one of two major indicators of the influential forces in that person’s life for the year and is a barometer for the lessons one will learn during that year.

  • 15/6 was Jack’s essence number at the age of 96.  This is the number of responsibility, duty and having high ideals.  It is an indication of a person who inspires and guides others.   He more than rose to the occasion.
  • Jack died at the age of 96 which reduces to the number 15/6.
  • Jack happened to be in a number 6 pinnacle at his death.  Pinnacles are four long cycles in our life which represent a particular lesson one is working on. The number 6 pinnacle influence is when one is strongly involved with ones family, family security and responsibility. He was married for 51 happy years when he passed.  5 + 1 =  6.
  • He was also the age of 15, which reduces to 6, when he was introduced to the notion that one could change their way of life just by changing their diet.

The 3 Influence

He was born Francois Henry LaLonne, however the world knew him simply as Jack LaLanne  – his signature name.

  • In numerology, one’s signature name (or the name you introduce yourself as) is referred to as the minor expression number.  Jack’s minor expression number happened to vibrate to the number 3. The number 3 provided him with the ability and an uncanny optimism towards sports or sports-like activities and is a number that rules communication and the media.
  • The second major influential number in one’s numerology chart, is one’s personal year number and Jack died in a personal 3 year.  As 3 rules communication, his creativity and talent in this arena came to the forefront in the media. The 3 as a personal year number was simply a mirror of his life.  As we all heard about his death through some form of media or communication, his life is a reminder to each of us to be mindful of the wonderful contribution he gave back to society.  His passion and exemplary communication skills for speaking and teaching about the benefits of regular exercise and a good diet was truly a gift that will live on and be passed down from generation to generation.
  • At the age of 21 he opened his first gym in Oakland, California.  2 + 1 = 3.
  • Jack beat 21 year old Arnold Schwarzenegger at the age of 54 – again 2 + 1 = 3.

The 4 Influence

I was struck by the word STRENGTH on the cover of Strength and Health magazine Jack posed for.

  • Strength happens to come to the number 4 and is the number of the master builder – Jack was all of that and more.
  • The number 4 was one of Jack’s karmic lesson numbers where early on in his life he was confused with the direction and purpose of his life until the age of 15.  In order for him to overcome this weaknesses and learn the lessons of how great life his life could be, he was going to have to establish certain methods and a disciplined approach to his life.  As the story goes, he was addicted to junk food with behavioral problems and it was not until he turned his life around by taking the advice of well-known nutritionist, Paul Bragg.
  • Jack LaLanne died in a universal year of 4.

In life and In death – the influence of the number 1

  • In Jack LaLanne’s numerology blueprint, his Physical Expression vibrated to the number 1 giving him the ability to be physically active and inspiring a world to become and stay active because he was the same way.
  • His Mental Expression number vibrated to the number 19/1 which helped inspire him to come up with solid ideas in his lifetime. He truly was a pioneer with an unmatched spirit.
  • Jack died on 1/23/2011 which comes to a 10/1 which is the destiny number and relates to the Wheel of Fortune in tarot.  The wheel represents the cycles of life including life and death.  In numerology the basic cycle of numbers are 1 through 9. 1 is the beginning and 9 endings. In the number 10 we have the 1 as the beginning and the zero as an endless cycle that never ceases.  Therefore, the 10 is considered a new start.  Jack may you rest in peace in the heavens.


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