Gabrielle Giffords

I watched the 20/20 interview by Diane Sawyer, The Congresswoman and the Astronaut” that aired last night on ABC.  I couldn’t help but reflect on the hope, faith and courage that this story (her survival and her recovery thus far) has inspired  a nation as a whole.  In doing her numerology, these are the numerical equations and vibrations I found in her chart to be of unique interest:

Path of Destiny Number 22/4 – Gabrielle was born on 6/8/1970 – This reduces to the number 22/4. The number 22 is a master number and is one of those numbers where those who have it can turn their ambitions into reality and those born with this number have the potential for a very successful life — we see this in both her personal and professional life.  22 reduces to 4 and 4 is the master builder, the foundation of something strong and sturdy. She typifies a woman who is a master builder who unites and inspires people.  Her life as a public servant with this master number is no surprise . Interesting to note that 2011 is a 4 universal year.  See my article “2011 Ushers in New Beginnings and Balance Charged with Illumination.”

Expression Number and Personality Number are both 16/7 – Her birth name is Gabrielle Dee Giffords and the letters of her full name at birth reduces to the number 7. Her personality number is derived from the consonants of her name. The number 7 is in her DNA as a highly spiritual number and those who have it are driven by the desire for both truth and knowledge. 16/7 is a another karmic debt number which, when it shows up in a chart,  means destruction of the old and birth of the new and is an important factor in her numerology chart, especially when it shows up in her core numbers, as it has in her name and personality.

Current Pinnacle number is also a 7 – There are 4 long cycle periods that everyone encounters in their life that represent a particular lesson to be worked on. Gabrielle happens to be in a 7 pinnacle life cycle through her 41st birthday this year.  The lesson of the 7 pinnacle number is a time of soul searching and inner and spiritual development.  She will most certainly be contemplating the meaning of her life with a heightened sense of faith.  The number 7 will surely help her develop and work on her insight and wisdom.   This number ties into her name/expression number and the lessons she is now working through.  She goes into a 3 pinnacle cycle on her 42nd next year which will bring her into a new level of self-expression and along the way she will discover new and creative ways to inspire and motivate not only herself, but others.  The next few years certainly will be a time she will be re-evaluating her life and her new role in life.

Minor Expression Number  is 11/2 – Her signature name Gabrielle Giffords  reduces to the number 11/2.  The name she introduces herself as, or her signature name, provides her with strong tendencies toward intuition and perception.  Her husband, Captain Mark Kelly, told Diane Sawyer that she knew (on some intuitive level) that someone was going to shoot her. This is the kind of  illumination that the number 11 provides, especially as someone becomes increasing receptive to intuition or the intelligence of their body-mind. Intuition simply sees what is the truth.

The Date of the Shooting was 1/8/2011 which reduces to 13/4. The number 13 in numerology is also considered a karmic debt number.  Karmic debt refers to the energy created as a result of actions and relationships during current and past lives. Karmic debt means that something negative happened in the past that must be addressed in the present or the future before one can continue to enjoy life fully. We take on additional burdens in this lifetime if we failed to learn a particualar lesson in previous lifetimes. The number 13 is the number associated with “death” but not death in the ordinary sense, but the death of something from one existence to another. 13 in Chaldean numerology indicates a change of plans.

Heart’s Desire Number is a 9 – This number is derived from the vowels of her birth name.  Her deepest satisfaction in life comes from the fact that she has been of service to the world – this is the essence of the heart number.

Personal Month and Personal Year – January finds Gabrielle in a 1 personal month in a 9 personal year.  It is a time of both turmoil and progress. As 9 is the number of endings (a time to clean house and make room for new things or ideals) it could very well be that at some point in time, she may not continue on her chosen path either by personal choice or the choice that will be made for her due to the shooting and the outcome of her health. Only time will tell.  But she does go into a number 1 personal year in 2012 — a time for her to begin anew.

May she come back stronger than ever with all the resolve her life path number, the 22/4, equipped her with — the lessons that she must learn in this lifetime. May her milestones be many.

Get Well Gabrielle!


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