Love is a Many Numbered Thing

“Love is a Many Numbered Thing”

The Birth of Venus by Alexandre Cabanel

Part 1 –  Individual

by CJ Wright and Kathleen Lamoureux

This is part one of a nine-part series exploring the many facets of love through numerology, the tarot, and astrological symbolism.


What is it about love that stirs your soul or drives you completely crazy? Do you have a strong soul-mate connection, is your love more physically based, or is it the love of a true friend?  Whatever love is to you, love is a matter of the heart that is as unique to you as your love to each other.  Our intention is to help you discover and utilize the power of numerology, astrology, and tarot so that you may fully realize the power and potential of your own love. First and foremost, “Love is a Many Numbered Thing” is a self-help “Love” toolbox filled with lots of metaphysical resources to help guide you to understanding yourself so that you may better understand your partner, your love relationships, and what makes your love “tick” or not.

CJ: Love ~ It has so many meanings, and only one English word to define its myriad forms. Just as there are many types of love ~ romantic love between two people, the maternal love of a mother for her child, or the love of a devotee to their God ~ there are many ways to define love and call it by many names.

Numerologically, the word love calculates to the number 9, which we’ll explore in more depth later in this series. The principle of love, however, is assigned to the number 6, associated with the planet and goddess of love ~ Venus.  We, the Co-Editors of the Numerology and Intuition and Symbols community at All Things Healing, will explore this multifaceted jewel of the heart to learn more about how love is expressed through the numbers 1 – 9.

You will find yourself and those you love within these numbers. You may respond emotionally to some of the numbers and long for others. Some may leave you cold or wanting more. Though some may seem fleeting, each has the potential to last an eternity.

As a numerologist and astrologer, I’ll point out some the ways the planets align with our love numbers and suggest signs in which each number feels comfortable and at home.

Kathleen: Love ~ is truly a delicious, delightful, passionate experience and an essential part of life.  I agree with you CJ, Love has so many meanings.  But when asked to define it, most of us are dumbfounded as to how to explain it succinctly.  I found this definition that I thought was worth a mention:

Love (luv) n. A feeling of intense desire and attraction toward a person with whom one is disposed to make a pair; the emotion of sex and romance.

Whatever definition is given to the word love on paper, it will never truly help us to understand what it means to be living it in an emotional sense. As when you are in love, two people are living through the inevitable emotional ups and downs as a couple.  It is through the act of loving or of being loved that we find ourselves able to feel connected and complete. While the movie Jerry Maguire had that famous line, “you complete me,” and made millions of lovers everywhere accept this as the truth in their own love relationship, the fact is that we alone are responsible for our own feelings and of being “complete” within ourselves first.  This does not diminish the love of a husband, wife, lover, boyfriend or girlfriend in any way. It merely means that love does not really complete us on it’s own merits.  We must learn to stand alone as well as within the structure and form of the 1+1 = 2 in a romantic relationship – this is true balance in love, for it does take two to tango.  The Numerology of 3 Little  Words: I love You are 3 very powerful words indeed with a boldness of its own.

Numerology is the science of numbers.  Numbers have purpose, and are meaningful in every way—in life and in love. The influence of numbers is felt every day on both a personal and universal level and connects us through everything—including the sun, the moon and the stars.  As a Numerologist and Intuitive Life Coach, I will attempt to provide meaningful ways for you to explore the use of numbers and the tarot in relation to your love connection in all its dimensions and everything else in between.

The Love of  the

CJ: Is it possible to love another without truly loving ourselves first? Just as the Sun ~ the giver of life ~ symbolizes the star that burns within each of us, the number 1 signifies courage, independence, and self-fulfillment. That might translate to having the courage to accept ourselves as we are, having independent thought instead of listening to what others have always told us we were instead of what we know ourselves to be, and to seek self-fulfillment through full expression of our unique selves. This might be a difficult concept to accept when it comes to love because we usually think of love as always involving another person, but the love we have for ourselves sets the ebb and flow of all the other loves that enter our lives.

Remember your first love? Most of us were just teenagers when we first felt cupid’s arrow, and we knew that no one had ever felt this way before. We’ll remember our first love all our lives ~ it sets the tone for all the loves that followed.

In the same way, a 1 love can also signify those first passionate but tender moments when we realize that something is stirring within whether that’s for another person, an endeavor that sets us on our true path in life, or anything that plucks the strings of our heart. Nothing can satisfy but our beloved. It’s new and exciting, a first for us, and sets us on a quest that only the heart can understand.

Astrologically, 1 is associated with the Sun and the element of fire ~ all things passionate, intense, and adventuresome. When an eager Aries or an ardent Leo take those first sultry steps in the direction of love, everyone burns!

Surely Pepé Le Pew, the egotistical, malodorous skunk from Warner Bros. Cartoons was an exaggerated 1, overzealous in his pursuit of Penelope Pussycat and completely unaware that she was never the least bit interested. Penelope tried every means possible to escape his advances. He was quite in love with himself and didn’t give a thought to his own odor that so repulsed Penelope ~ who was a cat, after all, not a skunk!

Kathleen : I believe and agree with you CJ, that in order to truly love someone, we must learn to love ourselves first. However,  a 1 love tends toward loving thyself first as they do have that independent / let me drive type of behavior in a relationship – this is what  drives the love of the 1. If you look at the number 1, it is a straight line  – it stands by itself  and the pronouns “me” and “I”  come to mind. Therefore, it is important for the 1 to learn balance and not lead all the time.  Compare this to the “Leading Man or Leading Woman” in a leading role.  While leading is good in certain situations, too much “leading” can cause uncooperative efforts from one’s partner and can cause the demise of love.  Therefore, the 1 must work at this type of behavior. With this natural inclination to lead, they must learn instead the ability to be the “Leading Man or Leading Woman” in a “supporting” role instead. This way the power shifts proportionately and each partner receives what the other lacks.  This is the true power of the 1 in love.

In the Tarot, the number 1 is associated with The Magician. I think this is great because love is so magical and an extraordinary part of life shared with the right person. The Magician knows how to harness love with charm and appeal. 1’s need to learn this skill in a love relationship.  I love your analogy CJ about Pepe Le Pew, for 1s surely need to leave their egos at the door before making unwanted advances in the wrong direction.

CJ: One is our first love, our Number One love, our Big Heartthrob. If you’ve ever experienced it, you’ll remember it forever. As Kathleen mentioned, casting yourself in a Leading Man or Leading Lady role with little concern for your partner can cause your lovers’ fire to burn out. Then, love becomes the loneliest number ~ 1.


CJ Wright is a numerologist concentrating on the symbolic language of numbers and their relevance to each unique personality.  She acts as a numbers sherpa, guiding clients to the discovery and refinement of specific numerical energies that are the springboard of the soul’s longings and the foundation of a fulfilling,  inspired life.  She is the author of Year Seer: The Nine-Year Cycle of Life.  To learn more about CJ Wright,visit and
Kathleen Lamoureux is an Intuitive Life Coach and Numerologist.  Numerology is a self-help tool and a medium that she firmly believes transforms one’s perspective in the process of self-discovery. Kathleen’s readings and life coaching sessions combine her gift as a spiritual intuitive with the ancient science of numerology.  To learn more about Kathleen, visit 


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