2011 Ushers in New Beginnings and Balance Charged with Illumination!

Happy New Year everyone! It’s January 1, 2011 and the beginning of a brand new year. This is that time of year – the beginning of all that is bright, and shiny and new. That time of year that causes us to pause — to reflect on our past journey over the last 12 months and towards the journey and beginning of a new year. A new year represents hope and change. What lies ahead? What will happen this year? Will it be a good year or will it be a bad year? These are common questions that float in our mind as it tries to race ahead toward the finish line. Breaking down the code, these are the elements of the numbers of 2011 as I see them:


January 1, 2011 as it is officially written or its shorthand version —  1.1.11 —  has four ones which significantly indicates that there is a very strong urge towards starting over and an even stronger desire for new beginnings.  In the New Testament the number 1 is the manifestation of the number zero and the urge towards uniting and independence. The zero in the 2011 date correlates to the Number Zero and represents an endless circle — there is no beginning and there is no ending.  This means that there will be an opportunity on a universal level for the number 1 and the zero to help us universally to follow the light to get back to our “source.” The number 1 is the origin of new beginnings – a brand new start.  As with the zero, it is the circle that continuously provides the foundation of those new seedlings that we so urgently want to keep perpetuating.  It is a universal message to keep going toward the light.

2011 is the universal year of rebuilding

2011 reduces to the number 4. The number 4 is the builder of the world — it is the rock of all earthly substance. 4 stands for law and order, intelligence and logic. It is the square that is made up of 4 straight lines. It is a square that symbolically represents our first perimeters of safety — the crib and our house. As children, we drew a square with a triangle on top which represented our house.  The square was the first boundary that defined our world then and we felt protected because it represented our only known security and comfort. In 2011, the universal influence of the number 4 will provide the same  influential vibration. The earth was formed on the fourth day of creation, therefore the 4 is the master builder, and that which creates form and structure.

The world and its inhabitants are in chaos and turmoil now. It’s not going to change unless we change collectively with action toward change. This includes the courage for mental, emotional and physical prowess.  2011 will be a year where we will need to find new ways of rebuilding or restructuring .  We have the opportunity to create new foundations or new spiritual roots with the square root of the 4.  There needs to be fundamental change in all that we do, think and say.

The number 11 in the year 2011 brings the full charge of “illumination”

The number 11 is a master number that cannot be disputed if we live up to its potential. It is one of the most highly charged numbers in the universe that brings enlightenment and inspiration in ways we may not be aware of consciously. The number 11 is transfused with an electric charge that illuminates those visions which live on the perimeter of our consciousness. This year part of the universal code is the influence of this master numerical charge – the 11 — in ways we never before imagined.  It is a wake-up call to those ideas that are stalking our minds and awaiting our invitation — the call to radical change through illumination.  As I see it, this year’s 11 influence is where events can be manifested fully if we use the electrical charge and all the energies of the number 11 available.  This means to pay attention to that intuition when it speaks out loud inside your head. Be open and be receptive and listen to your inside voice – for it wants to be heard loud and clear.

The only real valuable thing is intuition” – Albert Einstein

Number 11 reduces to a 2 frequency – the balance we need

1 + 1 = 2.  The number 2 is the number of  duality. It shows the two natures of things – good and bad, light and dark, yin and yang, joy and sorrow. It also represents all pairs of opposites – male and female, spirit and matter, heaven and hell. The number 2 is the number of balance as well as contrasts, and maintains its equilibrium through a blend of positive and negative qualities.

The number 2 represents the peacemaker, the ambassador of good will. The 11/2 vibration can indicate the duality of living up to the good, the light the yin and the joy in life — or it can bring about the negative qualities of the bad, the dark, the yang and the sorrow. Which will you choose?  This year you have the opportunity to find the balance between these opposites and the nature of life’s dualities.  The negative side of the 2 creates discontent while the positive side of the 2 has the ability to create amicable situations.

“2 is the imperfect condition into which ‘being’ falls, when it becomes detached from the monad, God.” – Pythagorus

Happy 2011! Stay in the light, take responsibility for your life and then illumination will follow. Know that the positive powers of the universe are within you.





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  1. Wonderful post, Kathleen! And Happy New Year to you.

    This is so inspirational and uplifting. After the depressing 2010, it seems that everyone is feeling the electric charge you mention. It’s sort of like Tina Turner’s line in Thunderdome ~ “We WILL…REBUILD!”

    Thanks for the inspiration and reminder that earth was created on the 4th day. Maybe we can all create a better world for ourselves and the planet, even if in tiny, steady steps.


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