The Numerical blueprint of 11 and 22

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Numbers have meaning in everything in the universe and every number has a certain vibration or frequency which has a relationship with everything in nature. Numbers are very powerful symbolic expressions of everything that happens in the universe every day, every minute of the day.

Today is November 22, 2010 – this date is the 326th day of the year.  Ironically enough, 326 reduces to the number 11 and November is the 11th month of the year. I thought it would be interesting to speak about these two numbers in terms of their spiritual universal impact.

The Spiritual Meaning of Number 11 and 22

There has been a tremendous interest in the numbers 11 and 22 in recent years.  The number 11 and 22 is one of four master numbers (11, 22, 33, 44). Master numbers are numbers that are very powerful because they accentuate the vibration of the base number to which they can be reduced to.  So for example the number 11 can be reduced to a 2 and the number 22 can be reduced to the number 4 and so forth. Therefore,  if you do not live up to the potential of the master number, your potential will also be reduced or diminished to the number it reduces to.

The number 11

This is the number of intuition and illumination . The number 11 is the first of 4 master numbers and is the number that is a channel to the subconscious — the portal to the soul so to speak. Spiritually, the 11 possesses an unusual amount of intuition and this numerical vibration is the number of the healer or one who can counsel people because those with this number intuitively understand people’s needs and emotions before they do.

The number 11 has a dual life as it reduces to the number 2, which is reflective of not living up to the potential of this master number.  You can live your life to its fullest potential by living up to the standards of the 11 or you can live your life as the 2 it reduces to. The negative or unbalanced side of the 2 is the potential to use the power of this number in a harmful way, to show or to be prejudiced.  The number 11 is related to Justice in the Tarot — Justice represents balance and fairness.  It behooves us to use the power of the 11 to create balance  in the world by creating inspiration and illumination for the good of the whole.

The Number 22

As a Master Number, the number 22 is one of the most powerful numbers in the universe.  This number inspires confidence in the  ability to lead. Greatness with this number can be achieved through many resources and people. It is a number that assumes great responsibility and power on a world-wide scale and combines vision with action. It can be experienced as either a 22 or the number 4 to which it reduces.  The negative side of the 4 shows up as lack of empathy, stern and stubborn and stingy and a taking away of someone’s energy or power. 22 is an ancient numerical symbol for a circle. Interestingly enough, the number 22 holds a unique position in the Tarot deck by having the same unique numerical position as a zero or the 22. The Fool in the Tarot deck is represented by the number zero. Zero indicates the beginning of a new cycle in life and represents the God force. On the negative side of the 22/zero, it is about a young man who is about to walk off a cliff – a naive outlook is indicated and attention to detail is needed.

JFK died on November 22, 1963

  • Here we see the numbers 11 and 22 in the date. The blueprint of 11 and 22 lie in these facts:
  • The 11 in the negative sense brought the dimming of the “illumination” JFK bought to the world and to the common man/woman. He fought for civil rights.
  • The number 11 reduces to a 2 which brought about discontent at his death and the truth of November 22, 1963 will never be fully understood. No conclusion will ever be accepted. It is truly a case of spiritual resolution and fate.
  • The negative side of the 22 took away one of the most charismatic and powerful leaders of the free world who had the immense power to lead, which is a hallmark of the number 22.
  • The number 22 reduces to a 4 which reduced the power and brilliance JFK held in ways his brilliance never got a chance to fully achieve on that fateful day.
  • The “eternal flame” at his grave site comes to a 9 – the ending of a humanitarian figure on the world stage and will be a constant reminder of the power of the illumination — the 11 — he brought as a political figure and as 35th President of the United States. 35/8 is a number of one who inherits money, power and position. JFK had all  3 attributes.
  • It has been 47 years since JFK’s death.  4 + 7 adds up to the number 11. The double-digit delineation of the number 47 /11 as a master number vibration is one where one will face many tests of character and emotional stability. JFK faced many tests in his personal and political life.
  • He died in the 11th month – a month of illumination and conflict.
  • Present day – 11/22/2010 is a 9 month – This represents completion on the anniversary of the death of JFK. Will we be able to forget and move on? Probably not, for JFK was an iconic figure and his presence on earth was necessary to teach us lessons about life and death – painful as it is.

11/22/2010 is a universal number 9

The number 9 is the number of the humanitarian, of universal achievement and completion. It is a highly spiritual number that seeks light and wants to bring knowledge to others.  Be like the number 9 today — that humanitarian who seeks to help others. Combine that with the power of the intuition of the 11 and the vision and action of the 22.  Allow peace and peaceful actions be a part of your everyday life.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Love and light to all.



Kathleen Lamoureux, Intuitive Life coach and Numerologist, is  the creator and founder of the  Numerology Zen Zone and the Wellness Zen  Zone which explores alternative therapies and self-help techniques such as meditation, affirmations, visualizations and numerology.  Kathleen helps individuals to find direction, true purpose, and to understand not only themselves, but their most intimate relationships. Kathleen reveals the meaning of names and numbers as they relate to all things metaphysical and gives private numerology readings and coaching sessions.

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