9/11/2001 And 9/11/2010 – 9 Years Later!

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Today  September 11, 2010  is a 14/5 universal day.
Never Forget!!!

Let us all take a few moments today to send love, blessings and prayers to the survivors and the families of the victims of 9/11/2001. This date is forever seared into our minds and will forever be remembered by all of us who lived through those chaotic days, hours and minutes. It is interesting to note that it has been 9 years since 2001 and we are also in the 9th month of the year. The number 9 is the number associated with changes, endings, release and transformation.The duality of this number intensifies the memory and energy of the day.

9/11/2001 was also a 14/5 universal day – We happen to be in the same universal vibration number today as we were on September 11, 2001. The number 5 is the number of uncertainty and chaos and conflict. It is also the number of instability and is associated with the Hierophant (the number 5) and Temperance (the number 14/5) in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. The Hierophant is related to the sign of Taurus. The sign of Taurus is known for being stubborn and persevering and once set on a fixed course, the Taurus seldom change their plans. As we all now know, the events that were set into motion seem as if America was on a fixed course of destruction by evil forces — and that the terrorists were intent on keeping with this destructive Taurean energy and a date with destiny.

14/5 is a karmic debt number – The double-digit number of 14/5 happens to be a karmic debt number. This number forces unexpected events and chaos. With this number there is always the risk involving the loss of property – we lost both the World Trade Center buildings. Also businesses can fail – we saw this most definitely in the airline industry immediately following the attack on the World Trade center as one example, not to mention all the businesses that were destroyed with this act of terror.

The number 11 is a Master Number – and as such, is the number that deals with tests and quick decisions. The number 11 walks the line between greatness and self-destruction. If one does not live up to the Master Number of the 11, one will live life as a number 2 to which the number 11 reduces. The number 2 represents the unconscious mind of man. The number 2 is the number of duality and shows the two natures of things – good versus bad and light versus dark.  America was in the dark that day and it was a BAD day for America — just as we were during the attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. We were living the life of a 2 (unconscious mind of man) rather than the 11, where we had the ability to draw upon the cosmic forces for inspiration and follow our intuition. Intuition on many levels was on the cusp of many minds prior to 9/11/2001 — about the safety of America, the role of terrorism, the terrorists who were already here on U.S. soil learning to fly planes,  and what might happen if…  but unfortunately, this intuition was all ignored

The number 11 is the number of Justice – Justice is also about teaching and guidance. The scales in the card symbolize the doctrine of karmic work, action and reaction as well as the law of cause and effect. We learned a lot on 9/11/2001, and the law of cause and effect that was in play – relating to the events and casualties of that day. This number vibration indicated a need to eliminate the mistaken thinking that America was invincible and not vulnerable. We are not invincible and we are still vulnerable, but we are still America the great and Americans are proud, strong, courageous and adaptable and we still live in the land of opportunity and progress.

“Today, we gather to be reassured that God hears the lamenting and bitter weeping of Mother America because so many of her children are no more. Let us now seek that assurance in prayer for the healing of our grief-stricken hearts, for the souls and sacred memory of those who have been lost. Let us also pray for divine wisdom as our leaders consider the necessary actions for national security, wisdom of the grace of God that as we act, we not become the evil we deplore.” – Rev. Nathan Baxter, Dean of Washington National Cathedral


Kathleen Lamoureux is an Intuitive Life coach and Numerologist. She is  the creator and founder of the  Numerology Zen Zone and the Wellness Zen  Zone which explores alternative therapies and self-help techniques such as meditation, affirmations, visualizations and numerology.  Kathleen helps individuals to find direction, true purpose, and to understand not only themselves, but their most intimate relationships. Kathleen reveals the meaning of numbers as they relate to all things metaphysical and gives private numerology readings and coaching sessions.


2 thoughts on “9/11/2001 And 9/11/2010 – 9 Years Later!

  1. Wow , very insightful Kathleen! I can see the play of 11 as a master number or the number 2 as living unconscious – we all need to strive to live as the master number and having consciousness as opposed to running on auto pilot and not thinking about how our actions effect others.

    Great article!


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