Eat – Pray – Love

Eat – Pray – Love

It’s the newest Julia Roberts film that comes out today. In case you haven’t been keeping up, this film is  a romantic fiction based on the memoirs of its author (Elizabeth Gilbert) who spent a year equally among three different countries: Italy, India, and Bali. It’s a journey of personal self-discovery and finding spirituality.

Let’s do the numbers on this film:

The release date is 8/13/2010 which adds up to 15/6 and is an interesting release date number because 15/6 represents travel and adventure and experimentation — all the things that this film is about. This number represents a time to let go of old thoughts or thought-patterns and allow new beliefs to enter consciousness – which is so apropos  for this film. Also the month number of 8 for August is an excellent month to launch a movie as the number 8 is associated with money and business. The number 6 is a romantic vibrational number and is associated with the Lovers in the Tarot, and Julia’s character, even though she isn’t looking for it in the beginning of her journey,  finds love and romance in this film.

Friday the 13th 13/4 –  is an interesting release day number because this number is frequently associated with death — but it’s not death in the ordinary sense. The number 13 is  associated with change, release and transformations – which is exactly what Julia Roberts’ character goes through.  So it will be interesting to see if this movie rocks at the box office, which I doubt. This number is not necessarily a fortunate money vibrational number, however, it is a number that does promote growth – but more symbolically is associated with spirituality.

The title of the film is both fascinating and interesting and perhaps a title that makes people stop and ponder those three little words – Eat – Pray – Love.  This film comes at a time when so many people are searching for answers and spirituality has really come to the foreground. I think that each word plays a pivotal part in this film and marry beautifully in the storyline.

EAT comes to the number 8 and 8 is associated with the symbol of infinity. We must eat several times a day and it is a ritual that never ceases to end – we need to eat, we love to eat, eating satisfies and fulfills. 8 also symbolizes someone that is strong and recognizable  — Julia Roberts is someone that we identify with in that realm – but also the character she plays, Elizabeth Gilbert, has a lot of personal strength and is recognized in her industry.

PRAY comes to a 24/6 which represents an excellent time to gain insight into life or things that may need attention. 24/6  is also the love vibration number. Interesting, because the character is both running away from love but also running towards it in new and insightful ways.  Love and self-discovery seems to be a theme in this film. 24/6 is associated with the Queen of Wands in the Tarot and this Queen represents both power and strength – praying provides both of those things.

LOVE comes to an 18/9 and is associated with healing and dreaming. Under an 18/9 influence, it is a time to slow down and consider one’s life, which is exactly what happens to the character Julia Robert plays. 18/9 also is a double-edge sword number that represents both idealism and selfishness which comes out in the film’s character. The number 9 is a time or cycle when things change and things end. It is the number that is associated with ‘out with the old and useless ways that no longer serve me’ thinking. Love begins, love ends, love begins again…

The total number film name title comes to 23/5 and this is so interesting because the 5 is always about freedom, sex, new interests and travel. The 23/5 adds the sexual undertone vibrational quality to it, but also the lure of change and adventure are very much part of this vibration and this number forces situations that require quick decisions and making choices and choosing new paths. Interesting, because in real life, Elizabeth Gilbert personally had to make a choice in her life and choose a new path or stay stuck in her life as it was. She decided on both adventure and a new path to travel – both of which enhanced her personally and spiritually. 23/5 is a number of growth and development of mind, body and soul. The 5 forces the freedom that is absolutely necessary in order to grow.

Julia Roberts’ name number is 51/6 – There’s that number 6 again. Julia was the perfect person to play this part as this is the spirit of the warrior number.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s name number is 73/10/1 – One is the number that always represents new beginnings and Elizabeth’s name number certainly reflects someone who is a very wise, old soul. She is someone who has the ability to seek harmony and she took the opportunity to take a ‘life time out’ to be able to grasp onto enlightenment and her eventual search for spiritual fulfillment.

So there you have it – Don’t forget to eat, pray and love today!

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